Friday, January 15, 2021

The Tower and The Vaccine


As The Omnivore continues to reflect on the events of last Wednesday, some things are becoming clearer--but nothing is actually totally clear. Still, these are sign-posts and metaphors-made-new-flesh (long live the new flesh!) and we should pay attention to them as this develops as rapidly as anything this historic can.

What is The Omnivore talking about?

1. We All Got It Commin'

The Insurrectionist riot was something our country as a whole has built, coddled, and gestated for 12 years starting with Sarah Palin being favored by the GOP base over McCain and then birthed with Trump. We were not all complicity--no: but as a country our organs tolerated the cancer as it grew and spread.

"Don't anger the cancer," said the GOP. "It doesn't want to be treated and we need it."

"Don't show a strong bias," said the news media, being constantly accused of having a ginormous bias, "we have to report on this administration . . . fairly."

Narrator's voice: "They did a shitty job of reporting on it fairly along almost any dimension."

Our Social Media giants allowed the lies to spread: Republicans were totally allowed to lie on Facebook--they fought for that--won--and are now upset about it. QAnon flourished and grew even as alarmed observers (Reddit) tried to purge it, the nature of the Internet not only routed around many of the bans but concentrated the survivors in hyper-radicalization areas like VOAT.

Organs like Instagram filtered out most of the bat-shit content and created "pastel QAnon" for women in Yoga and to appeal to bro-science gurus fighting vaccines. The Save-The-Children nonsense roped in well meaning women involved in education. The deluge of From-The-White-House lies about mountains of evidence of stolen data has convinced even educated people something was badly wrong.

Arguments were honed by guys like Ted Cruz and at every level of authority to the Resolute Desk itself lies were told that ordinary people could be forgiven for taking at face value.

We built this--even as some of us tried to tear it down--we have to understand that we are all part of the same social organism. The #Resistance acts as a disease--but it cannot afford to kill the host.

So here we are. We are Americans. We own a piece of it.

2. The Vaccine Coup

As we roll out the vaccine for COVID--a possible game changer from our national pandemic--there is another vaccine that we have been subjected to: a really stupid coup attempt. Now, even bad, dumb coup attempts can damage the country such that the next coup succeeds. There's history for this, Trust The Omnivore.

But: History ain't guaranteed either. This has exposed a truth about the GOP and the lies that would not have been extant if we had gone along to get along. The lies are dangerous. The intent is vile. The support from the top is treasonous if not technically legally, morally.

People who were otherwise considering complaints an over-reaction have had to rethink things (in some cases) and it turns out that a still-born dead coup attempt may actually help to immunize us against the next harder core coup attempt (see: Ted Cruz's nocturnal emission dreams). We came close to seeing law makers executed on live-stream and it has mobilized our organic defenses in ways that, literally, have not been seen in modern times.

Maybe this helped.

3. The Vaccine  of Babble

In the biblical tale of the Tower of Babble, man exceeds his reach in building the tall tower and God responds by splintering us so we no longer understand each other. It appears the tower then gets destroyed by lightning.

That's kinda over kill, really.

In the case of the real vaccine, we built an amazing "tower." The rapid production of a vaccine in the pretty realistic movie Contagion was considered, by experts, "too fast--but it's a movie, so hey." In real life? The Omnivore thinks we beat the movie.

If COVID was sent by God as, you know, a wake up call then our boffins have built a tower and it probably ticked him off!

So now we all speak different languages ("the micro-chip! The DNA re-write! I'mma eat hotdogs--but WAT IS IN THE VACCINE!??") and we have chaos in the deployment. The problem? This didn't take any act of God. We fucking Babeled ourselves.

Even COVID is shaking its head in shame.

4. So What Happened?

Well, it seems apparent that the militias would need more balls than they have to storm Washington on the 20th with a ton of National guard there. So either we get cucked grousing on low-rent social media . . . or we get various state-house assaults and shit that we're also ready for. The Omnivore is pretty sure that FBI guys are infiltrating a lot of these movements and, despite what they think, faking being a MAGA is easy. Talk tough, do nothing, listen for someone who sounds like they might have some potential.

Maybe the coup vaccine worked--and we're still gonna be babeling on the real one. But let us not the irony: 

The MAGAts are affeared that the vaccine will implant a tracking microchip in them! I turns out? They were all carrying a tracking microchip and due to Parler's idiotic security, the data dump tracked them into the capitol.

we live in an age of miracles and wonders.

Maybe this is the long-distance wake-up call.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Night of the Long Bans


Yesterday not only was Trump kicked off Twitter "for good" (we'll see--but probably) but TrumpTeam was evicted. YouTube kicked TheWarRoom (Trump media with Steve Bannon as a host), and a bunch of high profile QAnon people got the boot.

It's tempting to suggest that this is just a reaction to the Capitol raid and the sudden "Crash" in Trump's social and political currency--but there's a darker possibility:

Stop The Steal organized on Facebook for 48 hours growing at a semi-exponential rate before FB saw it and killed it. Social Media probably doesn't want to own an organized insurrection that is, again, being promoted by the President of the United States. Trump, although isolated and weakened is still the most powerful individual in the country and it doesn't take him long to disavow any calls for peace and sanity (about 48 hours, historically).

The banning of the QAnon promoters is required as well since they would be channels for a second attempt--one that would almost certainly be far more serious. The militia movements--both those involved in the 6th and those watching--have veterans and are more heavily armed and trained than QAnon or the standard MAGA.

The right's outcry has been intense: It's CANCEL CULTURE! Rod Dreher, the guy who perpetually almost gets it thinks that The Left and their toadies in Big Tech and Teh [sic] Media are just waiting to use Trump's attempted coup to demonize conservatives.

Why, how could THAT work? Rod can't come to grips with the fact that these guys are essentially self-demonizing: it doesn't take a woke collusion to determine that a mob storming the United State's seat of legislative power is bad and reflects something that no one should want to be associated with.

Even Axe Body Spray distanced itself from what is undoubtedly part of its core audience. Rod should know that when you have lost Axe you have lost America. At least a MAGish part of it.

And justifiably so. People are calling for Pence's execution--people who could do it if they got their hands on him. This isn't quite over and it isn't safe: we are going through critical straits here it isn't a "woke mob" cancelling Donald: it's the host organism trying to fight off a fatal disease.

It's also funny. Deplatforming is, again, and this is really important, a humiliation. It hurts in psychological places that weaken the target. It's important to make sure that Trumpers understand that they are, now, targets of mockery and derision--not abused patriots or people pushed back against the wall by the Teh [sic] Forces of the Left.

No, from 2015 Trump made it clear he wouldn't accept the losing an election and that didn't change through his four years in office. The assault on the Capitol was planned in plain sight and very clear language. None of this--not any of it--was surprising or out of character or anything. It's a case of getting what you paid for and then being really upset about it.

* The term The Night of the Long Bans was seen on Twitter--but The Omnivore can't find it now.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Who Ordered The Stand-down??

 For many people, the most shocking element of the storming of the capitol was that it was essentially allowed to happen: from the light security-force presence on the ground to the late arrival of militarized back-up for storming the most powerful nation's seat of legislative power was accomplished by, basically, LARPing MAGAs.

Some people see a conspiracy! It comes in several flavors.

  1. It Was Antifa! Perhaps the stupidest one is that the people who stormed the capitol were bussed in Antifa done to make MAGA look bad. Never mind that the people photographed were all MAGAs or even more extreme groups. Never mind that the president basically called for this from his supporters.
  2. They LET Us In--We Were Peaceful! This is purely denial. It's true that overwhelmed security forces did back down from opening fire and moved aside. It went further than that though: some of the Capitol Security gave the rioters directions or took selfies with them. They were not peaceful. The Capitol was trashed. Human feces was smeared on walls. Items were stolen. Secure areas were breached and from an IT perspective, although it is unlikely that there were intrusions, a complete, deep security audit will be necessary. 
  3. The Police Were COMPLIANT With The Trump Coup! This is how it looks to our allies. They saw a force loyal to the would-be strongman come to Washington and then  enter the Congress in an attempt to change a free and fair election to keep their dictator in power. They figured: the security laps HAS to be intentional. It has to be in league with the president.
  4. It Was A Set Up!! Given how badly this turned out for MAGA-world, it isn't surprising that this is considered. They can admit it was MAGA guys. They can see that the forces stood down and let them in--and then shot a girl to make sure there was a body count . . . it HAD TO BE A TRAP!
Okay--So What Happened?

You can listen to the New York Time's podcast The Daily for a good rundown. The short-form is: (a) after the heavy use of militarized cops in the summer (BLM) none of the security forces including the Mayor of Washington wanted to do that again. POTUS not mobilizing the guard in any significant way meant that although there were some units on standby (and doing far out traffic control) they did not have the orders or organization to move quickly to take the building. 

We do know that there was resistance from the Capitol Police but that, overwhelmed, they basically, finally, stood aside. One of them got killed. About 50 were injured.

However, The Outcome Was Better Than A Slaughter On The Capitol Steps

Let's be clear about something: we have seen clear and plentiful evidence captured on video that there were very violent extremists in the mix with more LARPy MAGAs. If the crowd had caught the wrong Senator? They'd be in serious danger of dying. It was, in fact, pretty close: the woman who was killed was outside the door of a room with non-evacuated Senators and if they'd broken through before the guys could get out of there?

We'd have had American Congressmen killed or wounded at the hands of the mob.

But that, thankfully, didn't happen. What happened was a deep humiliation for the MAGA movement. The Omnivore understands fully that it was mostly White Privilege that allowed them to take selfies with police and get seen as "noisy kids" rather than bestial barbarians. That perspective as much as anything explains their easy entry.

Maybe, because of the LARPish nature of the event, people in charge of security (who are now wholesale being told to resign) didn't think they'd, you know, actually do it. Maybe if the president hadn't told them to, they wouldn't have.

But whatever the case, we got to see our nation's Capitol trashed by the Make America Great Again Trump crowd and nothing The Omnivore can think of could be more exposing with the relatively low body count.

People say you can't kill an idea--but you can: the weapon is just that: humiliation. When an idea becomes associated with humiliated losers it's done. It's over. MAGA isn't, maybe, there yet but this is the best push in that direction yet.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Blood of Patriots

 The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. 

-- Thomas Jefferson, 1787

The cartoonist Ben Garrison has drawn the "Tree of Liberty" a few times. He declared that it was "thirsty" in one cartoon.

And then recently:

Yesterday a woman named Ashli Babbit, a Q follower, it appears was shot and killed inside the Capitol building. While she was not a patriot, as the dupe of a would-be fascist she may have fit into the "tyrant" category. Will the "tree" be "refreshed" by her blood?

Maybe--The Blood of Patriots Scenario

The Omnivore privately told his friends, when asked "how do we get out of this" (:: gestures generally at everything ::) that the only way might be "the blood of patriots scenario." After 9/11 world opinion was so against Al Qaeda that even other terrorist organizations were afraid to associate with them. They said, Intel people told us, that other terrorists looked at the 9/11 attack as sort of an institutional "martyrdom operation" where what they did was so bad that they were never coming back from it.

ISIS: "Hold my beer."

However, that turned out to be true. Although the organization still technically exists and is still dangerous, they are nothing like they were and Bin Laden, although he had a decent run, was hunted and killed by Navy SEALS in a moment of American exceptionalism.

Yesterday team Trump may have done the same thing.

Or, Maybe Not

A flash poll shows that 20% of voters (45% of republicans) approve of storming the capitol. From an organizational standpoint, those are not good numbers. From an American civics standpoint those are appalling. The event has had some tectonic impacts, however.

  1. Most of the objection to the election by Senators has been quashed. A few are still holding out but doing it quietly.
  2. Last night the Senate certified Biden's win in an orderly fashion and the impact of the incursion was limited.
  3. The press has described this as either domestic terrorism or some kind of attempted coup. While there's a lot more to say about this, that's key: they didn't "both sides it."
  4. It was highly associated with Trump. The RNC spoke out against it. Even spineless senators like Rubio spoke out against it. The condemnation is pretty universal.
We also know that pro-Trump people marched on several state houses yesterday leading to evacuations and concern about escalation. This may be the crest of the wave. It might not: we'll see.

However--This Wasn't Popular

The key thing here is that Trump told his people to do this, they did it, it accomplished nothing, and the optics? The optics were bad. Immediately right-wingers not directly at the riot spread the theory that the stormers were Antifa and were bussed in to make Trumpers look bad.

That alone tells you much about the thought quality of the conspiracy mill.

On sites like, there was temporary jubilation--and then despair--as the votes were counted and the senators, both left and right, stood together against a common enemy: Trump.

People who claimed that pundits had long over-reacted to the threat of Trump ate their words as the Capitol was trashed and some culture warriors like Rod Dreher looked on in horror at the desecration of our state house.

In the eyes of Americans and the world, this was humiliating. It was a view of Trump's most faithful as vandals, confederates, and weirdos. If you voted for Trump in 2016--or worse, 2020, The Omnivore hopes you're proud of this.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

An Elegy for a Hillbilly Movie

 Over on National Review Online, Ross Douthat notes that the venom against the Netflix production of Hillbilly Elegy is "strange" because several years ago it was a must-read for libtards--sorry, liberals, trying to understand trump voters. Today, having made a pretty okay movie, people--the usual subjects--are disgusted.

WAT IS GOING ON? He asks. Kinda.

The Omnivore is gonna tell you.

What Is Going On

After the Civil War turned into the Reconstruction, authors in the libtard--sorry, liberal woke North started writing, uhm, elegies for the South. Yes---people in the North wrote about the South in a way that was, how shall The Omnivore say, nice? 

They did as much to create the myth of the noble south and the Lost Cause as any Southerner. The reason for this was, in retrospect, obvious: Since we had to live alongside our southern neighbors now we were pretty damn invested in seeing them as, erm, noble. General Lee was cast as a reluctant warrior who abhorred slavery but fought for muh States Rights and muh Glorious State and its herritage.

Never mind that he (a) owned slaves, (b) had them beaten or beat them himself, (c) had brine poured over the wounds, (d) sold them in the breaking up of families (hugely evil and traumatic) and (e) captured free black men on campaign and sold them into slavery

Yeah--he was all good. Muh heritage--not muh hate.

Yes, well, nevertheless.

The writers coming after the Civil War created a widely read mythology that persists today that casts blacks as more or less happy slaves and the Civil War being about, erm, something else (TrAdE TaRIfFs). If you think people don't believe this, The Omnivore is here to tell you: you're being willfully blind.

What Does This Have To Do With Hillbilly Elegy?

It's pretty obvious, no? No? Okay then. The Omnivore has not seen the movie but The Omnivore did read the book . . . and liked it fine. But here's what's going on. Hillbilly Elegy shows a retrospective of growing up Hillbilly in a world of Oxy-abuse and low education with lower expectations where jobs are drying up and people are desperate.

It's not an overly glorious view and it isn't a biography of the Hillbilly. In short, the subject matter--written by a guy who joins the Army, goes to Yale and becomes a venture capitalist is a reasonable look at what these places are like. It does tell the libtard--sorry--liberal--what's going on in those red-places on the map that bleed Trump votes all over the states.

But there's a bit of a problem too: It doesn't explain Trump--at all.

Now, it's not trying to: Vance wasn't writing to explain Trump. The book was almost certainly started before Trump and certainly the material has nothing to do with Trump. Not really--but if you're reading it trying to understand how the fuck Trump happened?

It doesn't tell you that.

What we know now that we didn't know a few years ago is what Trumpism is all about. You see, with Trumpers and Red States spreading COVID unchecked with hundreds of thousands dead and refusing to wear masks--by voting in QAnon believers to congress--and by promulgating bogus charges of a stolen election they just lost because their hero was, erm, deplorable? What we know now is that the Lost Cause of Economic Anxiety that writers in libtard--sorry--liberal--newspapers rushed to use to explain Trump votes was just as bogus as the General Lee reboot.

No, we know what it is now. It's a dash of racism and a huge heaping helping of willing disinformation, culture-war zealotry, and a particularly venomous strain of Evangelical prosperity gospel religion combined with muh-Lilly-White-Jesus that has exposed these people as, erm, horrible.

People wanted to forgive a 2016 vote for Trump. After all, we didn't know then, did we? (we did if we were paying attention). But today? A few months ago, uhm, no. If you voted for Trump after all that? What the ever-loving-fuck is wrong with you?

Well, we know: you're a horrible person. Deplorable, really. Hillary's big mistake was limiting the numbers to "approximately half."

So now? Now a movie that "explains" the trumper in a way that tries to excuse the trumper--which is what Hillbilly Elegy is essentially doing by 2020--isn't going to be met with cheers. It's going to be met with distain because despite the fact that these are actors and the pain the story tells is real? The actual story--now one we've all been exposed to (and in some cases--in tens of thousands, that exposure has literally killed) is a lot uglier than the one Netflix tells.

We all know it and unlike the aftermath of a successfully military campaign complete with surrender and reconstruction? This civil war has yet to happen.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

On The Nashville Bombing

 Hopefully by the time you read this you will understand more about the event than we do now. But The Omnivore wants to document some thoughts  at this time as we go forward.

  1. Bombing targets are either selected for logistical/practical importance (the Marine Barracks in Lebanon), symbolic significance (the World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma Federal building bombing), or opportunity (i.e. it was what the bombers could get to).
  2. There is a long history of bombings with warnings. The Weathermen did it. The IRA did it. Not always--but often enough. Usually the bombers call in the bomb-threat but in this case the PA system works well enough. This is in keeping with a politically motivated bombing--but it has an issue: historically the bomb-threat would not be heard by the populace at large so it didn't need to be especially political. In this case though, the warning was heard by everyone in the vicinity so it could have made a statement. It didn't. Why not?
  3. The bomb was powerful and delivered in a way that was, if not for the warning, pretty undetectable (people who live on the street said that seeing an RV parked there on Christmas day wouldn't alarm them--they'd assume that someone was visiting family). So it could have been a lot worse (no warning, positioned somewhere designed to cause either more damage or more casualties).
The AT&T Switch Building

In the early aftermath of the reports, The Omnivore and Co. went online to see what was in the vicinity. A Melting Pot restaurant, a Brazilian Steakhouse, and a brick windowless building. At that early hour, The Omnivore and team knew what a windowless building represented: a hardened telephony base. There's a huge one in NYC--designed to survive a nuke-hit (not direct). That was the guess and it turns out? 

It was right. The blast knocked out 911 service for miles and disrupted communications and flights into Nashville. 

While The Melting Pot made for a good joke about anti-immigrant sentiment, it's pretty clear that the switch building was target: practical effect.

The Turner Diaries

It is tempting to make too much of this but if you are not aware, The Turner Diaries are the racist race-war fan-fic books that inspired McVeigh to target the OKC building with his truck bomb (that kicks off the Great Race War in the novel).

In the novel they also target telephony communications centers--so symbolically this could be some more race-war Turner Diaries shit. The Omnivore isn't sure though: attacking communications hubs is pretty par-for-the-course in asymmetric warfare so it doesn't have to be using the T-Diaries as a playbook.

Still, if it was--if it turns out it was--that's a point in the  direction you should be aware of.


There is a great tendency to blame the Trump Civil-War II right for this bombing--but there are some reasons not to, at least not until we know a lot more. The first is that the significance of Christmas Day isn't exactly the time for the Christian Right to launch an attack . . . even one that doesn't kill anyone. 

The date, however, might fall into the "opportunity" category (parking laws would not be stringently enforced over the holidays making it unlikely that the vehicle would be towed for example).

Secondly, we can say that the Trump-right definitely wants to think of themselves as "the good guys"--they do (as does everyone who takes up arms) but in this case the reluctance to kill people would have more credibility with a home-grown group than, say, an international group. So The Omnivore predicts that these are Americans (not a stretch). 

The targeting of infrastructure--communications and response infrastructure---is also interesting: the blast may have been a test-case to see if the shock, from outside the building, would take out the hardened (remember: no windows) structure. It did. This indicates that they could go after a more meaningful target somewhere else (Nashville isn't exactly a hotbed of liberalism).

The lack of a message coded into this bombing indicates to The Omnivore that, unless the Diamond Exchange was robbed across town yesterday morning, there's still another shoe to drop--probably not in Nashville and probably with less concern about casualties. 

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2020

A House Divided

 The Clairmont Institute is running a series of articles talking about divvying up America in the wake of an intractable presidential electoral split. From the relatively peaceful "trial separation" to the imaginary look-back on  a succession of the rural areas following Trump's loss, these take a variety of  stances---all of the making a heroic effort to be objective while being, well, writers who can get published at the Clairmont Institute--that is, hard core Republicans.

As such, none of them, thus far, are able to really diagnose the problems that are fueling our separation. We can see on their list:

  • Claims about a powerful economic and cultural oligarchy that rules the cities with its woke, intersectionalist doctrine and the fearsome power of antifa and BLM riots.
  • The requirement that pro-life and man-woman-marriage be enshrined in the American constitution as the only way Red People can possibly live happily.
  • The idea that Blue is winning--but that the coming fight with Red will be tough so, you know, better compromise (by giving Red States a constitutional convention to enshrine the above rights) and that 
  • Trump, while maybe not great, was the American Heartland voting itself back into the game (okay, not exactly--but close enough).
All of this is missing some serious shit. The Omnivore will set the Clairmont Institute straight:

It Ain't Ignorance That's The Problem--It's What So Many Folks Know That Ain't So

Trump's America is mired deeply in conspiracy from the vile dogma of QAnon to the widespread belief in a rigged election replete with numerous blind allies of logic (sharpie-gate? The rumors that you could hear Chief Justice John Roberts yelling through the wall at the real conservative Justices that he didn't want RIOTS--when, in fact, all the SCOTUS meetings are virtual these days), and various exegesis of the Dominion Voting machines all claim to be the "smoking gun" which uncovers The Steal.

The idea that tens of millions of Americans not only believe the election was rigged--but have been told so by everyone from their president to all their news personalities--isn't something Clairmont can grapple with because, well, it'd be kinda esposing

With this mob equally willing to turn on Tucker Carlson, Mitch McConnell, and Bill Barr it's hard to see how you can make a case for these salt-of-the-earth people wanting something rational or being a real force for any kind of justice (yes, one of the authors finds Trump stumping for "Justice."), No, they're thralls under the spell of the only person they'll believe: The Great Golden One.

That's not a recipe for a constitutional anything.

The Clairmont Institute Is Pro-Life and Anti-SSM: But . . . What About Heresy?

One of the problems with basing your renewed America on solid well tread Christian principles is that the Trumpers are sliding deeper into what is rightly called heresy and idolatry rather than cleaving to biblical principles. No, they don't literally think Trump is Jesus--yes, they are literally blowing shofars (ram-horn horns) in Biblical fashion and repeating messianic psalms in prayers for Trump across the land.

The mix of religion and nationalism has frightened a number of orthodox and traditional Christian thinkers and well it should: the Trump Train is running well and truly over the pews in any conventional church, mixing geopolitics (Israel, for example) into the church in ways not seen in the modern west.

Clairmont's writers ignore this or treat it as a passing fad, perhaps (saying that if Trump got reelected it would give the Red Folks a lot more options in 2024)--but none of them recon with the reality that right now Trump is a religious figure to millions of Americans and their own presumed traditional religious teachings have, erm, a lot to say about that--and none of it is Go Red Team!

The Righteousness Of Violence

Team Clairmont considers the riots (and the COVID response, for at least one of them) to be intimidation tactics against Americans--especially Red ones. How do they feel about the announced wave of violence in the Trump camps? They don't say--they, presumably, consider it necessary to effect needed social changes and an a normal outgrowth of the failure of electoral politics (i.e. voting).

Oh, wait: that's what the libs were saying about BLM protests. No, no--Clairmont clearly thinks this stuff--but they don't even address it. They just take it for granted

So the unanswered question is: is it okay to launch asymmetric warfare when you didn't win an election if your populace was incorrectly told it was stolen? Claremont seems to think so.

In The End

The problem with the discussion the way they are having it is that in the end we're not going to get a constitutional convention that gives Red States the right to kick out gays and even if we did it wouldn't make them happy. We're not going to see a revolt of the rural districts against the cities--how would that work when they don't have any remaining hospitals?

We may see angry Trumpers taking up guns and doing bad things to people they can get their hands on--some of whom are likely to be Republicans who figured "The Leopard Would Never Eat Their Face" (the Governor of Georgia) and unlike some of the Clairmont writer's wet fantasies the police and the military won't likely be okay with that. Biden will be right to put it down quickly and The Omnivore doesn't doubt he will.

We also might not see that violence at scale because these guys are a lot of talk and not that much action.

So in the end this isn't going to happen--it can't: we're no longer equipped for a civil war. It's just fan-fic.