Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Unbearable Cruelty of the HermanCainAward

On Reddit, one of the fastest growing areas is the "HermanCainAward." It is a message board where members post the 'story' of a COVID death with the preamble of social media posts denying the virus, them catching it (unvaxinated), and then ultimately dying (the notice of their death)--which earns them the award.

The Director for the Center for Medical Ethics at Columbia said that while possibly predictable  (that people would take pleasure at the misfortune of others) it goes against all medical ethics. Slate published an article noting it is a place where deaths "are celebrated." Certainly the descriptions of suffering and death that appear on the site--as well as the posts by burned out medical professionals who are numb, sad, and demoralized by the steady stream of preventable, horrible deaths choking their hospitals show that the specifics of death-by-COVID (at the end of their consciousness, many can't eat because they are too busy trying to breathe to even take a sip of a protein shake) are horrible.

So it's a cruel lefty celebration of the wave of schadenfreude at the deaths of righties. It's owning the cons, right?

Uh . . . no? Maybe? Let's think about this.

Here is a tiny smattering of the social media posts featured by some HermanCainAward "winners"--the posts they published before catching and dying from the virus--often in fashions that would be preventable even in the absence of the vaccine (such as having large gatherings).

See if you can notice a trend in the tone of these posts.

Whew . . . yeah. So--these posts do not show a lot of empathy for the 600k people--disproportionally  black and brown, who have already died. They certainly don't show any empathy or sympathy for those working to salvage the country and prevent more deaths. They are, as a whole--and this isn't a cherry picked selection, The Omnivore just went to the Reddit and picked a couple of the top posts today and downloaded the pictures (the really racists ones were from an especially bad person who just happened to be at the top--but they are not in any way an extreme outlier).

What these show--what they illustrate in excruciating detail--is that the flip-side of the sneering libs (not actually, but let's pretend the Reddit posters are all sneering libs for a second) are visibly palpable sneering conservatives. You can say they aren't "wishing death" on their fellow Americans  (you can say that--the lack of wishing-death-posts exists both in these pictures and on the sub-reddit: wishing death is actually not allowed and most of the posts The Omnivore has seen express sadness and some level of despair) --but you cannot claim that these posts show any sense of unity or understanding of what "the rest of us" see plainly: that we have a country-wide medical emergency that is killing people and overwhelming our hospitals and giving our front-line medical people PTSD.

If you want to see what "the rest of us" see, read this thread--a COVID horror story where nobody gets COVID:

TL;DR: the poster's dad falls and hurts his leg and has to go to the hospital. He can't get care because it's full of COVID and he develops a secondary condition and nearly dies due to neglect because everyone in the hospital is overwhelmed with COVID patients (unvaxed) who are dying in droves.

Make no mistake: a big part of not-getting-vaccinated is "owning the libs"--it's taking a stand, like hosting a boat parade or flying a Trump Flag, or 'rolling coal' (if you don't know, don't ask) to strike a blow in the culture wars. The movement that has turned into the anti-COVID-vaccine is also the one that spawned "Fuck Your Feelings (Trump 2020)" and Ben Shapiro's "Liberal Tears" coffee holders merch.

The inherent cruelty has been around for . . . erm . . . quite a while: the HermanCainAward really has nothing on the people who are posting the memes they gobble up or the misinformation they gleefully spread. The hatred directed at Fauci--much like the hate directed at Lt. Col. Vindman--is the incoherent rage at anyone who dares question or in any way disagree with their orthodoxy. Even the 'rational' members of the movement are ensconced in a cocoon of theory that "no one can say what 'misinformation' actually is" and as such, attempts by social media to take steps to curb it are overreach by a tyrannical lefty culture.

So The Omnivore's proposition is this: If the HermanCainAward is unconscionably cruel then before anyone can levy a complaint at it, they had best address what the recipients--and more importantly, the movement they represent, their enablers (Trump voters, reluctant Trump voters, anti-anti-Trump pundits, QAnon people, and so on) in terms of a societal standard for empathy or sympathy and forgiveness.

If you take a few steps down that road (a quick stroll and scroll through the subreddit) you will discover that posting their own words--their own broadcast messages---which appear over and over in different 'winners' timelines (these are, after all, viral memes) with a coda showing the consequences of their positions and actions--and their willingness--no, their gleefulness--to push their experience on others--to reinforce the same behavior that takes parents from children, destroys families, and damages our hospitals and society is, itself, a kind of gleeful cruelty that the HermanCainAward actually lacks

Maybe the sad, horrified posters are "really" cheering and celebrating each death--but they're not allowed to say that on the sub-reddit. If Facebook were to implement a rule saying you weren't allowed to cheer setbacks in COVID vaccination or post racist memes, these people would decry it as an unacceptable limit on their freedom of speech.

They would stand tall for their inalienable right to be mocking and cruel.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Culture War Goes Hot: stochastic bio-warfare

 John Nolte has a theory

The idea that there is a unified effort by "the Liberal Elite" (who is that? AOC? All of CNN? The vaccinated staff of Fox News?) to kill off Republicans (never mind that Trump did more to discredit the vaccine and mask wearing than MSNBC could ever do) is absurd. But as Neil DeGrasse Tyson estimates that Republicans are dying at 5x the rate of Democrats (based on some iffy extrapolations about the respective rates of vaccination) one thing is clear: the current regime of deaths-of-the-unvaccinated are not simply the result of epidemiology. 

They are deaths caused by the Culture War. Nolte is wrong about all kinds of things--but he isn't wrong about that. Today "Evangelical" (or White Evangelical, if you will) is really more of a political designation than a religious one. Not surprisingly, then, they are the least vaccinated of all the polled religious groups. Just like Jesus would want.

On the flip side, Nolte's shriveled little heart would be delighted to learn about the Herman Cain Award subreddit where people post the story of various anti-vax meme posts on social media followed, inevitably, by the death announcement of the poster. The "Finding Out" part of the Fucking-Around equation, as it were.

On the subreddit itself, the posters are angry--and, in the case of actual ICU and other medical workers, exhausted. They are (by their own telling) emotionally drained and appalled. The deaths by COVID are horrible, stark, and preventable. In many cases the people dying--now skewing younger--some children--leave behind not just grieving relatives but giant messes of a life only partly lived and then thrown into chaos and destruction by a death, preventable, if not for Tucker Carlson's need for ratings.

While it is certain that there are people cheering these deaths as the destruction of the enemy, the litany of Facebook posts--smug, accusatory, often depressingly identical (there are only so many memes to go around) and, themselves, vicious towards the "libs" (BIDEN-20 is scarier than COVID-19, y'know?) shows that there is plenty of bile on both sides.

If the right's rhetoric of the Great Replacement brought us stochastic terrorism, COVID and the lamestream media has given us  stochastic bio-warfare. 

Now, to be clear: a LOT of the people dying are POC who aren't Republican (but just don't trust the government) and the idea that Trump voters are dying off while "ironic" is not "good." It doesn't actually help anything: elections will not tip because 100k Republicans die off spread across the United States. Even a million, evenly distributed wouldn't move electoral votes. This death spate doesn't help--it just does damage.

But what that damage shows is is how deep the cultural rot goes. Religion--white, mainstream, mega-church Christianity, anyway has been steam-rolled under the culture war. Political Policy evaporated in the explosion of ideological mortar shells. Today there is little that exists in politics (on the right, anyway: the Left has a huge raft of things they want to pass) that isn't a broadside against The Other.

The Republicans are significantly worse off here than the Democrats for a number of reasons (for starters, the Democrats trust traditional media which isn't as corrupt as alternative media) and as such, the damage is asymmetric. The allegation that if Trump had won, Dems would be refusing the vaccine is absurd. Harris said she wouldn't take a vaccine because Trump told her to (any more than she would drink bleach for the same reason) but would if the medical doctors said it worked.

That's consistent: Just as Democrats trust CNN to mostly get things right (and they do, mostly, get things right) they would, likely, trust doctors. The problem is that Republicans--even the "smart" ones--all too easily believe that if the shoe were on the other foot, it would fit.

That perspective is part of the culture war--part of the belief that just as THEY would claim Trump-really-won-the-election because it is politically powerful, so too would the Dems claim that vaccines developed under Operation Warp Speed were tainted by Trumpiness. The projection of political expediency onto the other side justifies everything--even letting your followers die horribly because everything, it turns out, is justified.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Finding Out Part Sucks

 The slogan "Fuck Around and Find Out" has been adopted by all kinds of people (including the Proud Boys) as an implied threat.

"What are you gonna do?"

"Fuck around and find out."

But, in the age of the Delta Variant and the Texas GOP + Trump Supreme court, people who have fucked around are, more and more reliably, finding out.

For all the people who assured us that the GOP's picks for the Supreme Court wouldn't overturn Roe vs. Wade, the court's tacit acceptance of a bizarre Texas law that lets you snitch and sue women you think have had abortions stands in start rebuke of all the Jill Stein / Bernie-or-Bust / Don't Vote Blue--no matter Who people.

After all, the people who felt they could NEVER vote for Hillary because they were the True Leftists certainly didn't think putting Trump in power would end in millions  of vulnerable women in Texas losing abortion rights. 

Did they?  Well, maybe they did. Accelerationism ( hastening the fall of the current order so you can build the new) is a terrible idea--but it's appealing if you think it's the only way you can win. 

After Bernie's meltdown in South Carolina, a lot of really smug leftists are now sure that's the only way they can win. Trump's win was "supposed" to get us Bernie in 2020--and when that transaction with the American people didn't pan out they not only got the accelerationist court but those damn Black Voters cost them Bernie they have "logically" concluded that THEY couldn't be to blame for the current problem. No, it must be Pelosi.

On the flip side we saw lots of smug media critics saying that all the COVID 'super-spreader' events (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, DeSantis opening beaches, etc.) didn't clearly super-spread. Part of that is because outdoors, COVID-Classic just isn't that contagious.  Part of it was that people were, in general, taking some precautions.

DeSantis et. al. felt they could fuck around.

With the Delta Variant, though, all that fucking around leads to the sometimes-lethal finding out part. Far more contagious  if you are not vaccinated, it's unforgiving and is leading to ruin in Texas and Florida--two states who led the fucking around charge.

Opening the economy won't work if people are terrified of getting sick--and if people believe COVID to be a hoax and don't vaccinate (and they are not) the great DeSantis economy comes with the visceral pile of bodies we now have.

The finding out part . . . sucks.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Frozen Peaches and Big Tech

 In The Conservative American  (the singular "The" is looking more and more prescient these days) Josh Hammer has an article talking about how "Big Tech" must be brought to heel so that "Conservatives" can have their bad say on Social Media. Or else! This is part 230 (which most of his readers probably don't understand correctly) and part generic anti-Trust and an implicit assertion (i.e. without evidence) that Big Tech is silencing conservative voices using their awesome power to shut down half of the debate and Free Speech (TM) in America (or, you know, maybe Amerika?).

What's going on?

What IS Going On?

In the waning days of the 2020 campaign a bombshell was unveiled: A laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was found ("found") with incriminating emails and pictures showing that Hunter was trying to make money with Chinese business people possibly giving 10% to his dad. According to who else you listen to it also: contained pedophilia, clearly stated that Biden was on China's direct payroll as a foreign agent, had other stuff that was ABOUT TO COME OUT that was horrible--just horrible--about Sleepy Joe.

Here are some facts reported about the story:

  1. The guy pushing the story--Rudy Giuliani--isn't seen as an especially credible source by just about anyone not doing Fox Prime Time (the "entertainment" slots).
  2. Almost no one save The Wall Street Journal and Fox News was actually granted access to the documents. This, alone, is both suspect and makes it hard to report on.
  3. While the emails are (in The Omnivore's opinion) probably genuine, the provenance of the laptop--how it came into Rudy's hands--doesn't make any sense and has the fingerprints of someone trying to inject information into the election in a sideways fashion (The Russians? Maybe? Bannon or Roger Stone? Sure.) The story--that the laptop(s) were dropped off by Hunter and never recovered can't be substantiated and doesn't really make any sense. This, alone, makes it hard to report on.
  4. The writer for The Post--which did publish the story--took his name off the byline. Why?  Because he wasn't willing to be associated with it. This is not the action of a reporter breaking the story of the century.
  5. What we HAVE seen in the emails that ARE available is (a) nothing new (Hunter got a good position based on his pedigree--the same for Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump) and (b) does NOT link Biden---nor even Hunter--to any illegal activity alleged or otherwise.
  6. The reader of the story is meant to *assume* that the mention of Hunter links Biden to unspecified illicit activities and therefore you should not vote for him. What are those? It doesn't say. We don't know.

This, of course, feels like (a) the Wikileaks Emails--dropped by Russia to take the pressure off of Trump at the release of the Pussy Tape and (b) feels like the Steele Dossier which was shopped around but refused by all news outlets other than Buzzfeed which finally published it despite not being able to verify almost any of the information.

Today we know that Wikileaks was, in fact, a Russian Op (thanks to Mueller's and the Senate Intelligence's investigations) and that the Steele Dossier was, in large part, correct (main points: Russia was helping Trump, Russia hacked for Trump, Trump people met with Russia--yep: that's all spelled out explicitly in the investigation documents that are published).

Needless to say: most media outlets didn't want to be useful tools in the spread of this kind of information and so they both (a) covered the meta-story ("why we aren't hyping the laptop") and, in the case of Twitter, simply forbid it being disseminated on their platform. It is hard for The Omnivore to blame a social media site for not wanting to be  a vector for dodgy info inserted into a fraught electoral campaign (especially as Twitter had forbid political ads on its network in the run up to the election).

Now, in the aftermath of the Jan 6th Insurrection-Riot, other voices are being silenced: Project Veritas has been kicked off Twitter (along with, you know, Donald Trump), and Parler, given numerous warnings by Amazon, was booted from their cloud servers for failing to take effective action to keep violent threats off its platform.

Conservatives (?) see the reformation of Social Media--the prevention of banning their voices--as a new 21st century rallying cry.


So--Are Conservative Voices Being Silenced?

Well, yes . . . and no.  People talking about deregulation, small government, and muscular foreign policy aren't being suspended or kicked off. If we define "conservative" as "contesting election results" and "implying that Jews secretly run the world" then, uh, yeah--it turns out? That can get you kicked. It can lose you that plumb Disney job. Especially if you keep doing it after being told to / asked to stop.

Gina Carano was booted from Disney's The Mandalorian for "Being Conservative." This is one of her "Conservative Tweets" 

Uh--yeah: that's great. Who are all those people playing Monopoly on our backs? The Jewish Illuminati, guys. It turns out that talking on Social Media about The Jews is a pretty good move in Republican circles these days to raise your profile. Of course when those comments get out into the larger media, you can face consequences (MTG lost her appointments for them).

The takeaway here is that it's a bit hard to say if Conservative Voices are being silenced because in almost every event there is some aggravating factor beyond the person just being "conservative" (Josh Hawley loses his book deal after the storming of the Capitol, for example).

In order to make the case that "Conservatives" are trying to make, one needs to either (a) believe that the election WAS stolen and therefore Social Media is silencing legitimate voices--this is rank conspiracy theory since it involves numerous Trump-appointed and generally loyalist Republicans as well as tons of Democrats and normal people . . . none of whom have come forward to talk---0r  (b) that there is some other "conservative speech" that is being systematically shut down while people like Ted Cruz seem to be doing just fine avoiding the mine-fields while still being pretty trollish online.

So, no: we don't have a solid case that The Bad Thing (TM) is even happening.

But What About The Larger Free Speech Argument?

There is a reason one of The Omnivore's bylines is TL;DR--but if you are here, let's discuss. In the 21st century, so goes the argument, the Town Square is now privately owned--but a public service--like a lunch-counter at a restaurant--and you have to serve both black people AND conservatives at the counter since the 1st Amendment secures the "Town Square" for everyone--even if it's owned by Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

What are the merits of this?

The Implicit Assumptions In  The Argument

In order to process these arguments one has to make the implicit assumptions that:

  1. The large group of "Big Tech" is all "one thing." That is--the Public Square is happening on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gab (uh-oh?), Telegram (double uh-oh), Disqus (triple uh-oh), and other platforms that are all working in concert to "be" the fora in which free speech now happens. This leaves off (a) The larger Internet where all kinds of information is widely disseminated such as Fox News', OANNs', and The Epoch Time's web pages--and that Social Media is the only platform for "speech" in the new world. Clearly going on Fox to complain about your book being canceled or going on Bob Maher to talk about how COVID must have come from a lab to 4-5 million people on one showing doesn't count as "speech" for these purposes.
  2. That there is either no cause for kicking someone off a platform or that there must be some universal set of rules that we have yet to see that would be applied. Can you call for killing the President? Can you make plans to storm the Capitol? Promote the execution of Congress People? Use the N-word gratuitously? Is there a line?
  3. It supposes--without argument--that today conservatives need to be a protected class like Black People. If I have a public restaurant I have to serve black people under the law. I don't have to serve Nazis. Nazis are not a protected class. Black People are. I can fire you for being a Nazi. I can't fire you for being black. The idea that conservatives need to be a special protected class is never argued--it's just assumed. What the umbrella would even cover isn't clear (small government, deregulation, muscular foreign policy? LOL, no--that's not enough--people aren't being banned for that anyway).
Together this set of implicit assumptions makes the argument that there is reform needed a form of begging the question: If you assume all of the above--without argument or specifics--then, okay: Twitter would be sued for banning all black people or for banning those who advocate for black people on social media--and would be excoriated for making a rule that in order to post you HAD to advocate for political assassinations--so, sure. The inverse of the above would be clear red flags.

But do we really have those assumptions made clear? No. We don't.

What Is Really Going On?

What is really going on is that the "Conservatives" in America have now hitched their wagon to a voting base that DEMANDS to be told lies. They require to be told that The Election Was Stolen by Dems (and R's and the DoJ and SCOTUS, and and and). They require to be told that BLM is full of Antifa Terrorists and that, maybe, Antifa false-flag-stormed the capitol.

Fox's ratings slide began when its decision desk--one of the top-tier ones in existence--called AZ early for Biden and it was Conservative heresy. 

Social Media, having been used as a vector for foreign attack and spread of disinformation as well as for organizing violence (including but not limited to the Storming of the US Capitol) is doing everything it can to stop the spread of that disinformation. In the midst of a pandemic, platforms are trying to not be tools in the spread of anti-Mask speech and COVID-Is-A-Lie narratives. This is understandable and laudable.

The fact that a bunch of speech--or at least actors--that conservatives happen to like get caught in the nets cast to stop this disinformation leads to the execrable defense of people real conservatives should never be defending in the first place.

Monday, January 18, 2021

74 Million Voters vs. 5000 Rioters

 Over on HotAir, conservative (but erstwhile republican, since he quit the party) Ed Morrissey finds common ground with the generally disliked on the right Bill Maher who says we shouldn't confuse 74 million Trump voters with the comparatively small group of insurrectionists who took over the Capitol, baying for blood, and came, likely, within literal feet of having captured some lawmakers.

After all, says, Maher, to Ed Morrissey's applause, 'we can't conflate illiberal beliefs with violent action--at least that's what I'm told about Islamic Terrorism.'

Uh . . . Ed? Ed? Are you thinking about this?

Maher also says "you can like something being run by assholes without being an asshole yourself." Does--uh--does this stand up to scrutiny? Let's look.

Trumplamic Terrorism

We have been assured for quite a while--and quite emphatically--that guys like the MAGA-Bomber and the various mass shooters who had Trump's words and themes coming out of their mouths as they pulled the trigger were not in any way indicative of, well, Trumpism. After all, the marching Tiki Nazi in a MAGA hat could've been wearing any hat, right? 

If he'd been wearing a Star Trek hat would we have to decide that the United Federation  of Planets was a fascist organization? 

Strangely? These guys never really seem to wear Star Trek hats. They tend towards MAGA hats. Correlation isn't causation--but The Omnivore thinks there just might be something there.

The Two Best Friends and Accomplices of the Tree of Life Shooter

Now, we can observe that while, yes: there is some kind of correlation between  fascist violence and Trump--the link, of which may never be known--
It Be Totally Mysterious
What we can say is that there is certainly a vein of racist violence in the Trump, erm, religion--Isn't Islam a religion, Bill? Ed? Is that what we're saying? And the rest of the flock isn't exactly hostile to it, are they?

A Camp Auschwitz T-Shirt Next To A MAGA Hat.
Oh, and the Back of The Death Camp Shirt?
It Apparently Says 'Staff'
What The Omnivore is saying here is that Trumpism, whether or not it's a religion like Islam, has not only the trappings of white supremacy but also seems really the hell tolerant of it--and this is something the Right universally condemns the Islamic religion for even though no one thinks an Islamic radical would have any luck running for POTUS--but Trump? Trump was the pick of the GOP. He didn't just declare himself grand Immam of the Republicans. No, he went through a lengthy and contested primary process wherein he was chosen for his attributes--and they liked him.

They still do.

The Kool Aid - They Have Drunk It

The Republicans, whatever they once represented, they are now the Party of Trump. There has been a variety of polling and what it shows is that the worldview of the Republicans is very homogenously Trump and that this worldview is pro-insurrection. See here:

Biden is Illegitimate
A core tenet of Trumpism is that if you lose the election was fraudulent and if you win it was fraudulent. In 2015 he said this before any vote was taken. In 2016 he said this to explain losing the popular vote. Leading up to the 2020 election he said this and immediately after? Yeah, you know.

There's probably a reason Giuliani's practice in Ukraine was called "Fraud Guarantee." 

They Approve of Trump--Even Now

And They, Like Trump, Take 'No Responsibility'

Who did the riots? Antifa! Who is responsible? Democrats! 

The upshot here is that if you take the polling as even remotely accurate the Republican party--now the Trumpian party--is the party that believes (a) they should be in power no matter what the election results show, (b) that their being in power would be a virtually unalloyed good thing (despite approaching 400k Americans dead, our economy and foreign policy in the toilet, and so on), and that if bad things happened? Despite all evidence to the contrary?

It's someone else's fault.

Who Says That?

The problem with Bill Maher's formulation (as well as the excuse that not everyone came to raid the capitol--except that was heavily advertised and not a surprise to anyone but the security forces) is that the party--that 74 million voters--despite having seen POTUS call for a raid on the Capitol, it happen, and us barely get lucky that it wasn't a catastrophic tragedy? They still support this and they would support doing it again.

How can The Omnivore say that? Well, the above logic shows that they don't think it was their fault, they do think they should "rightfully" have won the election and be in charge, and they believe that Trump's inciting speech was  part of his very good job.

In other words, if you voted for Trump . . . you got what you paid for last Wednesday. Congratulations.

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Tower and The Vaccine


As The Omnivore continues to reflect on the events of last Wednesday, some things are becoming clearer--but nothing is actually totally clear. Still, these are sign-posts and metaphors-made-new-flesh (long live the new flesh!) and we should pay attention to them as this develops as rapidly as anything this historic can.

What is The Omnivore talking about?

1. We All Got It Commin'

The Insurrectionist riot was something our country as a whole has built, coddled, and gestated for 12 years starting with Sarah Palin being favored by the GOP base over McCain and then birthed with Trump. We were not all complicity--no: but as a country our organs tolerated the cancer as it grew and spread.

"Don't anger the cancer," said the GOP. "It doesn't want to be treated and we need it."

"Don't show a strong bias," said the news media, being constantly accused of having a ginormous bias, "we have to report on this administration . . . fairly."

Narrator's voice: "They did a shitty job of reporting on it fairly along almost any dimension."

Our Social Media giants allowed the lies to spread: Republicans were totally allowed to lie on Facebook--they fought for that--won--and are now upset about it. QAnon flourished and grew even as alarmed observers (Reddit) tried to purge it, the nature of the Internet not only routed around many of the bans but concentrated the survivors in hyper-radicalization areas like VOAT.

Organs like Instagram filtered out most of the bat-shit content and created "pastel QAnon" for women in Yoga and to appeal to bro-science gurus fighting vaccines. The Save-The-Children nonsense roped in well meaning women involved in education. The deluge of From-The-White-House lies about mountains of evidence of stolen data has convinced even educated people something was badly wrong.

Arguments were honed by guys like Ted Cruz and at every level of authority to the Resolute Desk itself lies were told that ordinary people could be forgiven for taking at face value.

We built this--even as some of us tried to tear it down--we have to understand that we are all part of the same social organism. The #Resistance acts as a disease--but it cannot afford to kill the host.

So here we are. We are Americans. We own a piece of it.

2. The Vaccine Coup

As we roll out the vaccine for COVID--a possible game changer from our national pandemic--there is another vaccine that we have been subjected to: a really stupid coup attempt. Now, even bad, dumb coup attempts can damage the country such that the next coup succeeds. There's history for this, Trust The Omnivore.

But: History ain't guaranteed either. This has exposed a truth about the GOP and the lies that would not have been extant if we had gone along to get along. The lies are dangerous. The intent is vile. The support from the top is treasonous if not technically legally, morally.

People who were otherwise considering complaints an over-reaction have had to rethink things (in some cases) and it turns out that a still-born dead coup attempt may actually help to immunize us against the next harder core coup attempt (see: Ted Cruz's nocturnal emission dreams). We came close to seeing law makers executed on live-stream and it has mobilized our organic defenses in ways that, literally, have not been seen in modern times.

Maybe this helped.

3. The Vaccine  of Babble

In the biblical tale of the Tower of Babble, man exceeds his reach in building the tall tower and God responds by splintering us so we no longer understand each other. It appears the tower then gets destroyed by lightning.

That's kinda over kill, really.

In the case of the real vaccine, we built an amazing "tower." The rapid production of a vaccine in the pretty realistic movie Contagion was considered, by experts, "too fast--but it's a movie, so hey." In real life? The Omnivore thinks we beat the movie.

If COVID was sent by God as, you know, a wake up call then our boffins have built a tower and it probably ticked him off!

So now we all speak different languages ("the micro-chip! The DNA re-write! I'mma eat hotdogs--but WAT IS IN THE VACCINE!??") and we have chaos in the deployment. The problem? This didn't take any act of God. We fucking Babeled ourselves.

Even COVID is shaking its head in shame.

4. So What Happened?

Well, it seems apparent that the militias would need more balls than they have to storm Washington on the 20th with a ton of National guard there. So either we get cucked grousing on low-rent social media . . . or we get various state-house assaults and shit that we're also ready for. The Omnivore is pretty sure that FBI guys are infiltrating a lot of these movements and, despite what they think, faking being a MAGA is easy. Talk tough, do nothing, listen for someone who sounds like they might have some potential.

Maybe the coup vaccine worked--and we're still gonna be babeling on the real one. But let us not the irony: 

The MAGAts are affeared that the vaccine will implant a tracking microchip in them! I turns out? They were all carrying a tracking microchip and due to Parler's idiotic security, the data dump tracked them into the capitol.

we live in an age of miracles and wonders.

Maybe this is the long-distance wake-up call.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Night of the Long Bans


Yesterday not only was Trump kicked off Twitter "for good" (we'll see--but probably) but TrumpTeam was evicted. YouTube kicked TheWarRoom (Trump media with Steve Bannon as a host), and a bunch of high profile QAnon people got the boot.

It's tempting to suggest that this is just a reaction to the Capitol raid and the sudden "Crash" in Trump's social and political currency--but there's a darker possibility:

Stop The Steal organized on Facebook for 48 hours growing at a semi-exponential rate before FB saw it and killed it. Social Media probably doesn't want to own an organized insurrection that is, again, being promoted by the President of the United States. Trump, although isolated and weakened is still the most powerful individual in the country and it doesn't take him long to disavow any calls for peace and sanity (about 48 hours, historically).

The banning of the QAnon promoters is required as well since they would be channels for a second attempt--one that would almost certainly be far more serious. The militia movements--both those involved in the 6th and those watching--have veterans and are more heavily armed and trained than QAnon or the standard MAGA.

The right's outcry has been intense: It's CANCEL CULTURE! Rod Dreher, the guy who perpetually almost gets it thinks that The Left and their toadies in Big Tech and Teh [sic] Media are just waiting to use Trump's attempted coup to demonize conservatives.

Why, how could THAT work? Rod can't come to grips with the fact that these guys are essentially self-demonizing: it doesn't take a woke collusion to determine that a mob storming the United State's seat of legislative power is bad and reflects something that no one should want to be associated with.

Even Axe Body Spray distanced itself from what is undoubtedly part of its core audience. Rod should know that when you have lost Axe you have lost America. At least a MAGish part of it.

And justifiably so. People are calling for Pence's execution--people who could do it if they got their hands on him. This isn't quite over and it isn't safe: we are going through critical straits here it isn't a "woke mob" cancelling Donald: it's the host organism trying to fight off a fatal disease.

It's also funny. Deplatforming is, again, and this is really important, a humiliation. It hurts in psychological places that weaken the target. It's important to make sure that Trumpers understand that they are, now, targets of mockery and derision--not abused patriots or people pushed back against the wall by the Teh [sic] Forces of the Left.

No, from 2015 Trump made it clear he wouldn't accept the losing an election and that didn't change through his four years in office. The assault on the Capitol was planned in plain sight and very clear language. None of this--not any of it--was surprising or out of character or anything. It's a case of getting what you paid for and then being really upset about it.

* The term The Night of the Long Bans was seen on Twitter--but The Omnivore can't find it now.