Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romney Wins Illinois

Romney doesn't just have a victory--it's a commanding one ... or is it?

Erick Erickson writes:
Last night in Illinois, Mitt Romney won his first victory without caveats.
Even in Florida, a big win, there were plenty — counties that saw increased turnout rejected him. The northern part of the state rejected him. It required an amalgamation of voters not quite typical of the base to get Romney the nod in Florida. In Illinois, Romney won. Period.
Jeb Bush, certainly thinks so too as he just endorsed Romney. Hot Air opines:
That ends one of the supposed scenarios for a brokered convention. Some had figured that the most likely non-candidate to prevail in an open floor fight would either be Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels. Bush’s endorsement takes that off the table, and with it any reason to push for a brokered convention to get another candidate onto the ticket. Bush made sense as a way to carry Florida, a much-needed swing state in the fall, while Daniels has remained consistently hostile to any sort of run, and the GOP should carry Indiana this time.
On the other hand, Romney is still unpopular. Compare this graph of Romney vs. McCain:

A recent Gallup Poll suggests that enthusiasm levels for Romney are below those of McCain:
Voter Enthusiasm, Republicans

And who knows: Maybe The Race is Just Getting Started? But Nate Silver says it's pretty much over (albeit not quickly) and I'd tend to agree. Romney may be an imperfect candidate but he is not an insane candidate. If he can get out from attack-other-Republicans mode and into Attack-Obama mode he will see his positives increase. More importantly: if it looks like Santorum simply cannot win? His funding will dry up.

I'd written this earlier for a friend who was not looking forward to Romney. I will repeat it here :)
It's beginning to look a lot like Romney
Everywhere you poll
Take a look at Iowa
Lemmings once again
As the so-cons take their toll!

It's begnning to look a lot like Romney
Ads on every TV
But the best ads that are playing
Are the ones by
the losers screaming "commie!"

A pair of anti-gay candidates
Are Bachmann and San-tor-um
Revived neo-con wash outs
are the hopes for Perry and Newt!
And for all the GOP voters
It's why are they all so dumb!?

It's begning to look a lot like Romney
Everywhere you poll
There's Ron Paul talking conspiracy
Publshing news letters
and buying gold!

It's begining to look a lot like Romney
Too bad Huntsman won't start!
And T-Paw, he quit early
And Romney flip-flops
like an Art!


  1. I think the Kübler-Ross model is going to be useful in any analysis of GOP primary voters regarding Romney’s road to the nomination.

    Should be interesting to see how that Etch-a-Sketch comment by Romney’s advisor plays out …

    1. See the daily Omnivore!