Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage: THE END TIMES ARE HERE!

If you were anywhere near a news-feed yesterday you know that President Obama, as telegraphed (leaked?), said he personally endorses gay marriage. This, perhaps unlike dispatching Seal Team 6 to kill Osama bin Laden is a gutsy move. Why?

Because the swing-states, including all-important Florida, mostly prohibit gay marriage.
North Carolina? Not a Swing State
What Was He Thinking?
Why'd he do it? Why'd he do it now? There is only one real answer: social policy is poison for Romney. The RNC knows it too:
The announcement immediately drew cheers from Democrats, liberal clergy and gay rights activists. Republicans, including GOP National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, accused Obama of "playing politics" and criticized him for being inconsistent in his stance.
When someone makes a terrible political blunder you don't accuse them of playing politics--you go "I told you so."  According to Pew, young people and women more strongly support same-sex-marriage. With the exception of Latinos, this is Team Obama's sweet-spot. It also forces Romney into a defensive posture--he doesn't want to look like a dinosaur.

Obama also took the "safe" fall-back that states ought to get to decide for themselves ... which, of course, mirrors the "safe stance" on abortion rights ("I'm personally against it but ..."). So maybe not totally gutsy after all. But still gutsy.

Also: This surprises no one. Hot Air headlines with:

Breaking: Noted gay-marriage supporter finally drops cynical charade

Well, yeah. It didn't super-shock me either.

The two Gay Republican groups were unimpressed. Firstly that Obama didn't do this before the North Carolina vote (Log Cabin Republicans: 'Offensive and Callous!' ) and secondly because ... well, maybe because he's a Democrat or something (GOProud: he's become more like Dick Cheney! ... wtf?).

The Death of the Republic
None of the above is interesting. I mean, it's topical and I hope mildly informative--but what's interesting is this: why does gay marriage signal the death of the republic? It's hard to get a complete answer from Google--but let's take a look. Why will Same-Sex-Marriage DESTROY AMERICA (When even Godzilla failed, yo).

  1. God Will Destroy America. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Like that. Now, granted, the homosexuality may only be part of the reason God laid the smack-down ... but have we really been all that nice to strangers lately either? Also, isn't God already mad about us electing a Muslim or something?
  2. You could get a slippery-slope for man and dog sex or man and toaster or something. Actually, the more reasoned argument here is that if you accept consensual homosexual marriages, what about legalized polygamy?  “The president of the United States likes the idea of Tom and Dick marrying. He did not say whether he supports Tom, Dick and Harry marrying, or whether he is ‘evolving’ in that direction,” Catholic League President Bill DonohueWhile the damage from polygamy is perhaps hard to quantify, it certainly squiks people out who are otherwise fine with gay marriage.
  3. The state endorsing the "gay lifestyle" is supporting an unhealthy activity as shown by science (see rates of STD, and other health risks for gays).
  4. Gay marriage confuses children about gender roles. And maybe growing up in a gay household is bad for children anyway? (read the link).
  5. Homosexuality undermines the institution of marriage. Marriage is a holy sacrament. Gay marriage (or, at least, gay male sex--Word mostly still out on lesbians) is a sin. When you undermine the institution of marriage: 
What Do I Think?
I think that if God decides to destroy America it won't be for legalizing gay marriage. It'll be for building a Tower of Babble or something (That thing in Dubai gets it first!). Slippery slopes are a fallacy and consent puts a stop to man-dog nonsense which is, frankly, beneath anyone trying to have a moral argument. If you can't keep your logic moral how do you expect to convince anyone? Oh, right: shock value. High road. Airtight.

On the other hand, polygamy is theoretically consensual and does 'squik' me out (It makes me queasy). So maybe there's something there.

There are all kinds of unhealthy lifestyle choices. I'm pleased to see that the family values people are going after gay lifestyles. I bet smoking is next--huh--what!? Oh, right. Consistency. Airtight.

If you want to prove loving gay households are worse for children than heterosexual ones, knock yourself out (no, really: there's a pipe-wrench) but after that compare to, uh, foster homes and orphanages. Think Of The Children! Yeah: I'll wait.

The institution of marriage is, according to Pew, already on the rocks.That (IMO) isn't good--but before you go after gay marriage, first man: stop the bleeding. You got to get rid of the No Fault Divorce.

What? Oh--right. Yeah: we can't do that!? We'd lose the women's vote entirely. You're on to something. Go back after the gays.

So, yeah--mostly bunk and religious persecution. I'm well aware that Christianity is not gay friendly and that's fine as far as it goes (throw out Leviticus, you still have Paul ... who did weigh in against lesbians ... awww). But trying to make America a legislatively Christian state has problems before we get to gay marriages. Long before. I don't want to live in someone else's idea of Jesus Land. If you're smart--and you key (correctly) on the "someone else's" part of the sentence, you don't either.


  1. > he's become more like Dick Cheney!

    Yeah, I laughed when I read that one... it was a good jab. Cheney, of course, supports gay marriage. I hear that if his daughter gets married, he's planning to throw a feast of a thousand puppies in celebration.

    1. He has a special slot in the Darth Vader helmet to eat through.