Thursday, June 28, 2012

ObamaCare: UPHELD

That's what CNN says.

I have to admit I didn't see that coming--while I "called it" in my last post my confidence in my prediction had eroded greatly over the past few months and it looked like Obama really didn't expect it to be upheld ... Romney even issued a specific talking point saying that if (when) O-Care was struck down Obama's entire term would be a waste.

So what? Now it isn't a waste? I guess if your own side says so ... but geeze.

What Do I Think?
Something really has to be done about health care and maybe this will be the wedge that gets that ball rolling. It was a painful process to get it passed and it bloody well should've been more bi-partisan. I do think that while Obama could've done more to reach out (you can always do more) there was serious entrenchment from the Republican establishment that was, to my view, partisan.

Now, O-Care doesn't poll well: people see it as for "someone other than them"--but there's a bunch of stuff in there I like. The pre-existing conditions thing? That's some bullshit--so I'm glad it's going. The larger risk pool? If it's constitutional? It oughta stand ... I guess. Big risk-pools are a good thing in risk-mitigation which is what insurance is.

Also: this really is a big gift to insurance companies. In my youth O-Care would've been called Republican. Like, I don't know ... maybe the Reagan era?

Also of Note
InTrade was WAY against this being upheld. A bunch of people lost money (hey, maybe it's a 'tax'!?). Wisdom of Crowds, anyone?


  1. "Now, O-Care doesn't poll well: people see it as for "someone other than them".

    The main reason it doesn't poll well is that most people aren't aware of what's in the bill, once they do, it polls very well. (In other words, so long as it isn't called Obamacare, people love it.)

    The fact that it wasn't squishy moderate Kennedy but credentialed conservative Roberts who threw in with the court liberals gives this decision a much better bipartisan imprimatur. That's gonna piss off people almost as much as the decision to uphold itself.

    1. Well, yeah--but if a Republican polling house "explains what's in the bill" will they still like it? Or only if Democratic polling houses provide the explanation?

      Still--yes: the main fear seems to be "I like what I have and this *may* mess with it." That's a reasonable fear: I don't want to lose my health insurance to give someone else health insurance.

      I think the turning on Roberts has already well begun.