Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking -- Ron Paul Alert Level: HIGH!

BeAlert: The GOP Needs More Lerts.
The word is that the convention-floor fight to shut down Ron Paul may be a "shooting war:"
I just got off the phone with a concerned Florida activist, Laura Noble, who informed me that both of Florida's Rules Committee members, Peter Feaman and Kathleen King, have been removed from the Rules committee and replaced with Romney-appointed delegates.

Clearly anticipating a grassroots backlash against the "compromise" on Rule 15 and the changes on Rule 12 has caused the Romney camp to preemptively replace delegates to ensure they have support on the Rules Committee.
After word of a truce last night, it appears that Team Romney is really scared that something might block his coronation nomination and they're bringing all forces to bear. You can read a good history here. Notably? Sarah Palin has endorsed the fight.
That’s why the controversial rule change being debated at the RNC convention right now is so very disappointing. It’s a direct attack on grassroots activists by the GOP establishment, and it must be rejected.
 Maybe they should've let her speak? HotAir thinks we should revamp the whole GOP nomination system. To avoid this. Sounds like that's what Romney's doing ...

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