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The Politics Of: The Obama Deception

Continuing the review of Obama-movies we look at Info-War's The Obama Deception. This movie blows the lid off the globalist conspiracy that elected Obama to further their control of America ... and the world.

The Movie
The Obama Deception, released in March of 2009 and narrated by Alex Jones, conspiracy-powerhouse behind, tells us the story of how Obama has been brought to power by a global conspiracy that will use his charisma to control the masses and extend their power across the globe!

Just LOOK--Can't You SEE He's EVIL? For God's Sake, He's GLOWING GREEN!
At two hours in length this is a full-length documentary. It begins with a bunch of stock footage pieced together to tell the story of Obama being embraced by "the people." It introduces the idea that Obama is just the "manager" who works for the "franchise owner" of the world (spoiler: The franchise owner is the Bilderbergs). We get a series of experts, one of which, tells us Global Warming is a big-lie like Nazi racial science and that Al Queada is an "Arm of the American Intelligence Community." We get menacing pictures of Hitler-Youth-esaque Obama-Youth and learned-looking talking heads explaining a variety of low-context quotes and scenes.

We see a lot about the Military Industrial Complex and how they own us. It has graphics:
That's Obama Down There Under The Flag.
He uses numerous bits--quick cuts--from real interviews, vaguely seen newspaper and magazine articles, and so on to paint the picture. Here is the plan:
  • Bring America under control of a world bank. Institute Cap and Trade. Install tracking devices in all cars, and so on.
  • Incorporate gun control to take away everyone's guns. Eric Holder will DO IT.
  • Kill Free Speech with the Fairness Doctrine and hate speech laws.
  • Institute the British system of health care so they can control your body (and kill you off through denial of services)
  • Expand the DOD's reach to put troops overseas
  • Colonize Africa
  • Convince the American people that "The buck Stops With Obama" so after his disastrous first term he will TAKE THE BLAME and step down so another puppet can be installed (Obama, however, is described as the Maximal Puppet so I can't imagine who else the'd get ...)
  • Keep the global elite from being prosecuted like the crooks they are.
Yes, this is for real. The subtext--and literal sub-title: BUY THIS VIDEO to spread the word. Or, at least, drive traffic to

The Politics of The Obama Deception
Noteworthy here, is that (A) Obama is probably born an American or, at least, if he wasn't, it's not relevant, (B) his past history, who his dad was, or who he palled around with is irrelevant: Bill Ayers is NOT the western-anglo globalist conspiracy (which is Wall Street, London, and Washington--controlled by the super-banks and billionaires--uber capitalists all).

Two of the drivers behind this are Al Gore (behind job-killing Cap and Trade) and ... Prince Charles (yes, for real--those two get top billing from one of his speakers).

Of course the mind boggles: No one has been conscripted to anything yet. When the nuclear-grade stand-off is over the (popular) raising taxes on the rich, how is Obama supposed to get through his "Obama-Army?" Obama took Public Option (govt-provided no-profit insurance) off the table at the start of Obama-Care negotiations--Single Payer (the actual British health care system) was never on the table. Obama has, thus far, done nothing with the Fairness Doctrine or Hate Speech. We don't seem to want to colonize Africa. Cap-And-Trade is dead. We have to wait for his second term for gun control and ... hey, wait?

Wasn't he supposed to take the fall!? Sucker got re-elected. What the hell?

Maybe that fall comes in his second term. Sure (note: the movie is VERY clear it'll be his first term).

The fact is that this--pretty much all of it--as in, like, every bit of it is either a lie, a misrepresentation, or incredible spin. This guy gives us a take-down of just about every point in the film. It takes thirty pages. For example, on Obama's use of the term New World Order:
Any time a politician says "world order" it's obviously a part of the grand conspiracy. They can cover up 9/11, but they can't keep their candidates from using those words and telling everyone of their grand plans. It's fairly obvious from the full video that he's talking about a "world order" of peace where American national security isn't in question, as the whole context was about investing in education and healthcare in the third world.
As we see from the multitude of points that get addressed--whether you believe the debunking or not--there is this giant constellation of facts (Hillary and Obama met for a secret meeting--it must mean something!!) and you need a grand conspiracy to tie it together when, for that point, a simple--but disconnected--explanation would do (they were discussing her potential role in his cabinet and whether she would, if defeated, campaign for him).

It turns out, what's interesting about The Obama Deception isn't the Politics of it, it's the psychology of it.

The Psychology Of The Obama Deception
A very recent article in The Daily Caller (a conservative news outlet) is startling. It argues, with some persuasiveness, that Team Romney lost the campaign before it began. That is: He never had a chance. He lays out a (very factually correct case) that Team Romney looked at the playing-field and decided they had to win Independents to beat Obama. They tried to do that ... and they did. They executed on their plan: they won independents.
So how did a 13-point independent swing — that saw Republicans carry even more independents than they did in their last two presidential victories — not push Mr. Romney into the White House? Well, here’s where the incredible power of sheer denial comes into play. And it’s also where this gets exciting. And infuriating. ...
[T]hey dismissed the 2008 data as an outlier: The idea that the racial composition of the United States was changing — as it had been since it was first settled by Europeans — was just a Democratic trick, they confidently claimed. The 2008 electorate, they assuredly asserted, was a flash in the pan ignited by phony “hope and change” messaging and fanned by the historic nature of electing the first black president of the United States.
You should read the whole thing. The key to understand the Obama Deception was that it was released in March 2009--around a month after Obama took office. It's not a retrospective on his first term like Dreams From My REAL Father and Obama 2016 were. This was the prequel.

As I've said, the problem with Romney's (and to a far greater extent, just about every conservative voice in existence) was that the 2012 election was supposed to be the "I-told-you-so" election where the youth, women, and even blacks and Hispanics were supposed to acknowledge that, yes, the Obama-critics had, indeed, told them so. 

They'd said Obama was a Marxist, raised by terrorists--and maybe not born in America or possibly secretly a Muslim--and hey, it had born out! Given his track record and his obvious cluelessness / malevolence only ultra-partisans would vote for him. The D+6 (or whatever) projections were clearly wishful-thinking nonsense.

Until they weren't (around 8:30 PM Nov 6th). The psychology of the Obama Deception is the "telling you so." It's the tail end of it, to be sure (right after his inauguration) but it's the kind of nonsense that was floating around and catching fire with "the base." The PUMAS had their birth-certificate plan which was adopted by the GOP  base and, as with other things that 'catch fire,' they got burned by it (they looked ludicrous and not serious). Just as there was no truth--just lots of meaningless dots that you can connect to make any picture you want--with the birth certificate, so to is there no evidence of the Bilderbergs electing our presidents for us. As far as I can tell it was a battle between Romney and Obama (and before that McCain and Obama) and the interference from outside groups and billionaires came mostly on the Republican side.

When you "told them so" in 2008 and 2009 your degree of observer bias in 2012 is necessarily going to be suspect. In this case, that unexamined and pervasive bias may have cost Romney the election even as his hat was floating gently into the ring.

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