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A Dastardly Plot On Immigration Discussion

Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection (which is a great political blog) thinks he has uncovered a dastardly tactic being rolled out by the pro-immigration left: the 'family unity' argument. This approach to immigration reform involves asking Republican candidates how they feel about "tearing families apart" by deporting the parents ... and leaving the anchor-babies behind.

His points on the line:
  1. A candidate at an event where he went was asked if he'd consider adopting such a child.
  2. A little girl whose father was facing deportation asked the candidate (in another town-hall meeting a few weeks before) if he could help keep the family together. He told her he couldn't--to cheers of the Tea Party crowd (apparently she was shaking as she asked the question).
  3. Others--it turns out there's a whole movement around young people asking the government not to deport their moms and dads.
Dastardly. They're using children. The Atlas Shrugged blog weighs in with a title The Left Has No Shame:
Question – do you think you would be allowed to walk up to security and demand they let you stay in a sporting event that you snuck into? In fact, you want a seat upgrade because you can’t see from your current location. How about a plane? Walk on and just park in first class. No ticket, no problem. Bring your kid, for drama. No, neither the stadium authority or airline would let you stay because it’s illegal. 
Your need is not a claim on someone elses life. Sorry. 
His theory is that as Republicans warm to the DREAM act (or one like it) the Democrats are scared that might seem reasonable and need to move the goal-posts further down the line towards amnesty in the event that the GOP should get its act together and make headway with Latinos. He's talking about the Achieve Act which provides some similar protections to undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) brought to America as children--namely that they won't be deported and allows them to be students or serve in the military (as does the DREAM act). What the Achieve Act does not offer is any special path to citizenship--something Latinos overwhelmingly think should be included.

However, that aside, if the Achieve Act gets traction with the House Republicans and passes it could, potentially, make the GOP appear "reasonable" on the immigration stance. If that happens Democrats could lose one of their growing constituencies and the largest minority group in the US.

The Omnivore is here to tell you Democrats needn't worry:

Here's a comment from a 2011 CNN article on the DREAM Act:
But illegals are not part of any dream act. if Obama is allowed to get away with this one it will be an atrocity. You might as well open the pens and give them back the right to vote. These people are illegal, against the law what else is it that you don't understand. Instead if Obama had their interests at heart instead of penalizing the taxpayers by making them pay for these gangsters. He would be working with the Mexican president to make him make his people migrate legally and take all the fees away. NO WAY DUMBO WILL America stand for the DREAM ACT. Of course i excluded the Aas. It is debatebly that they are Americans anyway. The reason I say this if they were they'd drop their idenity of Africans. The haven't been Africans in 5 hundred years. Or if this is going to continue to be allowed I want to be known as an English American.
Here's a comment from a 2012 Hot Air article on the Achieve Act:
Why must we be so soft as a country? Is this from giving women the vote? Someone breaks into your home, you set him a table and offer him food and drink? And then he quickly graduates from being a guest in your home, to being a resident, to belonging there?
I don’t give a crap WHO are the illegal immigrants who break the law to come here. Black, brown, yellow. Hispanic, Haitian, or members of the Swedish bikini team. They should all be treated the same. That is the Constitution! The rule of law! If you come here legally, and have something to offer, then we welcome you with open arms. Otherwise, piss off.
We need to be very wary of the brown tide that Rubio is promoting. The more our party panders to these minority groups, the weaker we become. The white race in this country holds all the power and they will for decades to come, if we stay true to our race.
The big lie ANTI-WHITES want you to believe is:
“Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for EVERYONE!”
If you don’t agree then you are anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
They say they are anti-racist while they hold open the immigration gates to EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. They claim “Anti-racist” status while they DEMAND we assimilate i.e. intermarry with all those non-whites. What they are is anti-white.
Anti-racist IS a code word for anti-white whether you like it or not.
From Legal Insurrection's own comments section, here is a "letter" to the little girl:
Dear Tootsie, 
Your father is a criminal. Many people have conspired to keep this fact from you and to excuse his behavior but it is the truth. When he chose to engage in illegal activity he subjected you to the risk that he would one day be apprehended and punished along with all of the consequences that such an event would entail. If we were to repeal every law simply because it broke up a family when the offender is caught and punished we would quite literally have no laws at all. It is important that you understand that your father is responsible for your plight and no one else. 
You need to sit him down and tell him that hiding behind you is reprehensible and is not going to get him off the hook, and you need to tell him how disappointed you are in him for putting you in this position. You should also let him know in no uncertain terms that you resent being used as a pawn.
Also, I would council you not to be so racist and xenophobic as to think you can’t make a good life for yourself in Mexico. I wish you well and hope that someday your father will see fit to apply for citizenship and wait his turn like the fathers of other little girls who have been waiting patiently, and under some hardship, for their chance to be US citizens. You don’t get to jump to the front of the line just because your father is of lesser character than those men.
All of these are hard truths that should have been broken to you more gently in a less public setting, but amongst your father’s other crimes he also stole that opportunity from you in the hopes of gaining something for himself to which he is not entitled.
I don’t expect you to understand all of this now. Responsible adults should have been at work explaining all of this to you over time. But one day you will look back and understand just what these people have done to you and used you for. I only hope you can forgive them when the time comes for they know not what they do.
Anyone with a lick of sense
This, by the way, was the linked video of 'Tootsie.'

Her name was Molina.

I don't think that given the GOP's base's reaction to the Achieve Act, not to mention The DREAM Act, that appearing 'reasonable' to Latinos is going to be especially likely.

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