Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#BLM And The Clinton Conspiracy: ROUND 2--FIGHT!

The Omnivore's #BlackLivesMatter post didn't satisfy some people (you people are never happy). Doesn't the Risk-To-Benefit analysis mean Christie would never have done Bridgegate? They asked (the point being that The Omnivore thinks Hillary has no reason to go after Sanders since, in the national, she is 30pts ahead and being caught doing this would be fatal--in the same way that Christie, having won the election had no reason to attack the George Washington bridge).

Well, yes--even if you don't acknowledge that Bridgegate was revenge--and therefore has a different motivational profile than hamstringing Bearnaise in the early days of the primary. But enough of that--let's look at this from the conspiracy point of view.

Straight Outta INFOWARS

Here is Infowars on The Sanders Threat
The Sanders Threat
The establishment considers Bernie Sanders a threat to the campaign of one of their preferred candidates: Hillary Clinton. 
“Sanders — a self-described democratic socialist — has seen his crowds swell and is gaining ground in the polls on the formidable Democratic front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In New Hampshire, where Sanders was on yet another weekend swing, one survey last week showed him within 8 percentage points of Clinton,” The Washington Post reported in June.
The fear is Sanders will win the crucial Iowa and New Hampshire primaries and trounce the establishment’s carefully groomed candidate. 
“If Sanders continues to build his momentum and cut into Clinton’s lead, and she gets sidetracked by controversy (typically a given when a Clinton is on the ballot), it is not inconceivable that Sanders could win one or both of the two first states,” Bloomberg notes. 
In order to prevent this possibility the establishment is likely engaged in underhanded tactics to derail the Sanders campaign, including using DHS, the FBI and their corporate partners to sow chaos into the campaign. 
Black Lives Matters would do well to associate itself with the Sanders campaign and glean political advantage for its socialist agenda. Instead, it is doing the opposite by interrupting Sanders’ campaign events and portraying itself as a disruptive and threatening political force.
Okay, so it isn't Clinton--here--but note that the various links (the 'dots') do, in fact, connect to form an ominous picture. Here the dots are: (a) Sanders is within "striking distance" of winning in New Hampshire and Iowa, (b) Apparently BLM activists are being watched by DHS, (c) Hillary was inevitable in 2008 until Obama won Iowa. Cognito Ergo Exxon Hocus Pocus: the establishment (probably the central banks) are wielding #BlackLivesMatter against Sanders to prevent him from disrupting the coronation of Hillary (the GOP is the necessary distraction).

The Soros Scenario

If you don't like the powers-that-be as the man behind the #BlackLivesMatter curtain, how about all-purpose boogie-woogie man George Soros?
Imagine if the Koch brothers had financed a group that was regularly disrupting and shutting down events of candidates that they opposed. Does anybody doubt that the Koch connection would come up in the first paragraph, if not the first sentence, of most news stories about such disruptions? Yet somehow, complete silence from the MSM on the connection of George Soros to #BlackLivesMatter even though he is the providing most of the finances to that organization. Also mysterious is how the MSM also fails to note that Hillary Clinton, whom Soros supports, has not had her events disrupted by #SorosMoneyMatters (also known as #BlackLivesMatter).

Two who were targeted by #SorosMoneyMatters were Hillary opponents Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders. The latter had the misfortune of having not only his large Seattle speech on Saturday, with an estimated 12,000 in the audience, disrupted but also completely shut down.
In this case, the dots are: (a) George Soros is pretty rich (about half a single Koch brother), (b) Soros supports Clinton, more or less, (c) Soros donated a ton of money (33MM) to a foundation that supported Furgeson activism (as well as a lot of other things). Ipsum Lorem Valedictorian: Soros wants Hillary to win and has given millions to Black Lives Matter so they will send several young women to disrupt Sanders.

The Only Thing We Have To Clinton--Is Clinton HERSELF!!

For our final scenario, let's go straight to the Daily Kos to see someone who broke the code and thinks it's very possible Clinton is orchestrating the #BLM attacks. No need for middlemen (or women)--just straight from the Clinton's mouth:
The clearly orchestrated BLM attacks at Bernie events are despicable. Are you involved in anyway? Maybe yes, maybe no. Just the fact that many believe that you could possibly be involved should be your canary in the coal mine. 
There needs to be a quick and thorough investigation into who is really behind this and what motivated them. Let's start by looking into the background of these individuals who grabbed the mic to see who exactly they are tied to. One thing for sure it is not organic nor, real. Why would a minority group go after the single person, Republican or Democrat that actually is fighting for them. 
As the famous Woodward and Bernstein comment goes, "follow the money" and look at who would benefit. 
So Hillary this is the view of one progressive (but it very well might be many) and yes, you should be worried.
Uh-huh. In this case the dots, such as they are, are: (a) Sanders is fighting FOR BLACK PEOPLE, (b) The EVENTS ARE STAGED (??), and (c) HILLARY BENEFITS. Alohamora Ridiculous Veni Vidi Vinci: Hillary must be directing this!
Totes Legit

On The Other Hand

The problem with connect-the-dots arguments is that they start from the ending (people disrupting Bernie Sanders--WHY, GOD, WHY??) and work backwards. Let's run the scenario forward (note: the excellent Cracked Podcast does this with horror movies--and presents us with the villain's plan from Friday the 13th which involves the super-psycho-killer riding his bike to his victim's house since the house is a long way away and Jason never learned to drive).

In this case, someone--let's say Clinton--has a plan. It looks like this . . .


Clinton is visible at the head of the table, an info-graphic of a globe is projected behind her on a big screen. Other figures sit in SHADOWS.

Sanders is gaining ground. I've seen this movie before, gentlemen--and I DON'T like it. What can we do to take him out?

Our data shows that Sanders is the most civil-rights oriented candidate out there. He marched with King. He promotes black education and job-growth. He's strong there. Maybe we can hit his haircut?

The haircut won't do it. We need something ... Something ... tough. :: Curls hand into fist ::

We hit him on race. We hit him with Black Lives Matter.

I thought you just said this was his strong suit?

Exactly--we hit him on his strengths. It's called Swift-Boating. There's no working defense.

SHADOW MAN 3 Looks visibly startled.

He's ... he's right. This never fails.

SHADOW MAN 3 stands up and is revealed to be SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY.

So here's what we do: we send in some Black Lives Matter guys to hit Sanders at Netroots--they'll just heckle him and--

No. Too obvious. Have them hit O'Malley first. That way it won't look orchestrated. After O'Malley fumbles the attack, Sanders will come out and get hammered.

SHADOW MAN 2 stands and moves to the screen--is revealed as DAVID AXELROD.

But what if O'Malley doesn't screw up? What if he handles the heckling?

He'd have to know to say 'Black Lives Matter' instead of 'All Lives Matter.' There's no way he could know that.

Unless he has been on Twitter or anywhere near a TV for the past two months.

Right. Air-tight. He'll screw up. So we hit him with the BLM and--

The Bureau of Land Management?

That was the Bundy False Flag--no, this is Black Lives Matter.

Ohh . . . Right . . . 

Then Sanders comes on stage--and he'll REALLY screw it up.

How do you know he'll REALLY screw it up. What will he say? White Lives Matter?

EVERYONE gasps in horror.

No, he'll just want to talk about his platform first--before giving in to the protesters.

How is that worse?

Because it'll upset them. There'll be blood in the water.

But ... but ... what if he has an answer prepared? Or just doesn't screw up?


The real genius will be when we hit Sanders NEXT. We'll have three girls take away his MICROPHONE.

I like it! But ... But ... What if he doesn't just hand it over. The man is running for President of the United States, after all. What if he has--I don't know--security?

SHADOW MAN 1 stands and is revealed to be DONALD TRUMP.

Nah. Can't fail. He'll hand it right over. He won't have security or anything. He'll just give it to them. They'll be women. ... And black. How can he say no?


So this is the perfect plan: we give him fair warning--then a soft-ball heckling at Netroots. Then we follow up with the knock-out punch of a female-minority blitzkrieg--and his white male supporters will be goaded into MANSPLAINING on the INTERNET until no black person anywhere will ever vote for Bernie Sanders ever!


Hey, guys? What'd we miss?


The point of the above is that the battle-plan of using #BLM to go after Sanders either worked far, far better than ANYONE could have predicted or it was never much of a plan anyway. Sander's complete collapse could not have been predicted and he didn't even make the critical mistake that O'Malley (and, earlier, Hillary) did (saying All Lives Matter). 

Furthermore, we, uhm, know who was behind the second stage rush. It's this nutjob. Sure, she might be a campaign plant--or manipulated--but Occam's Razor says she's just an idiot. 

  1. People are targeting Sanders "because he almost gets it" (more than anyone else). He's willing to listen and evolve--which means he's a target. If they tried it with Chris Christie . . . he'd slaughter them (Trump has already offered to fist-fight any BLM activist who tries to take his microphone).
  2. They aren't targeting Hillary because the former Sec of State has Secret Service security. They can't get to her.
  3. They aren't going after Republicans because Republicans don't care.


  1. This post - very amusing.
    Didn't know who Marissa Johnson was. Jeez!
    Particularly liked that insight (from previous post) about low/high privilege mirroring.
    As usual, though-provoking stuff.

  2. "...thought-provoking..." (but then you probably figured that out ;)).

    1. Glad to hear it--glad you liked it! -- The Omnivore