Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary v. Congress - Round 2!

After the second break we have determined that:

  • The GOP is pretty sure that Hillary was considering how to use the Libya war to make herself look good--THE HORROR.
  • It was easier for her personal friend (Blumenthal) to reach her than the ambassador--and THAT'S BIZARRE.
  •  This totally isn't a witch-hunt. Totally.
So far there have been some clashes--but not blood. The GOP may not have thrown an interception here--but this is a recovered fumble at best. Hillary not only looks pretty forceful, she has managed to (a) prove she has a decent command of the facts (b) understands how, well, the State Department worked (a low bar--but . . . ) and (c) isn't too old and worn out to be president.

At the end of Round 2, no one other than Gowdy looks like they've got any teeth.


The Omnivore has always held that the GOP rumors about Hillary being sick, fighting with Obama (who would run Biden and then destroy her), not running because of Bill or whatever--as well as the enthusiasm for Joe Biden--are because of what we see here: Hillary is going to be an incredibly tough opponent in the general election.

Unlike Jeb who was out of politics and out of practice Hillary is razor sharp. If the Democratic Debate was too kid-gloves for Republican viewers, the Trey Gowdy grilling--which becomes more pointed as the day drags on (in an attempt to elicit a gaffe from Clinton?)--certainly isn't. If she can stand up to this--and thus far she is--she's going to be tough on the main debate stage and on the stump.

The Omnivore isn't surprised by this--she's a career politician who has learned from, and lived with, one of the best. But it's time for the GOP to get their heads out of the sand too. This might not make her stronger--but it probably will.

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