Friday, December 25, 2015

A Very Omnivore Christmas

What does a Political Omnivore want for Christmas? The Omnivore has been a very, very good Omnivore this year--which means Santa Clause ought to bloody well bring him the political gifts he deserves! Let's see what's on the list!

A Brokered Convention!

A Christmas classic for political pundits, a battle on the floor in Cleveland where the GOP Establishment fights, UFC style, for control of its party against the towering Trump delegates. Every pundit is hoping to find this under their tree--but The Omnivore admits it. A brokered convention, Santa--where . . .

Mitt Romney is the 'Romineee'!!

Dare to dream! Romney was a great candidate--he just peaked a little too soon. Compare him to the mess we've got now. Romney could be a uniter. He has presidential hair. He's always dreamed of being a savior to America (the White Horse prophecy). This year is his chance!

Martin O'Malley Kamikaze Attack

The Democrat debates have been epic snooze fests--so could we have someone, maybe O'Malley, go after Clinton like a tornado? Hit her on Bengazi? Vince Foster? Bill's alleged sex-crimes? Maybe claim he's got a tape?

A Chris Christie Christmas Miracle

In New Hampshire--Could Christie win it? Place in the top 3? THINK OF THE CHAOS!!!

Romney Wins The White House

Seriously. It's his turn.

A Voting Machine Scandal

The Omnivore would like to close out the year with the discovery that the electronic voting machines in Florida were all pre-set to Jeb Bush.

Is it too much to ask?


  1. And if a large Plexiglas cylinder were to descend over Donald Trump at his next public appearance, and if it slowly filled with concrete - why, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?

    To re-quote a Twitter contest winner: if he ends up being the nominee, there'll be hell toupée!

    Love that.

    -- Ω