Monday, December 14, 2015

Dispatches From The Culture War After Next . . .

Rod Dreher gives us a tantalizing title of Dispatches From The Next Culture War (what he called it in his tweet--the title is less unusual). He's writing about how the GLBT rights people and the libertarians need to diverge as the GLBT rights folks are intent on forcing the heavy-hand of government into the non-discrimination business. He also writes about how a person undergoing transgender surgery, paid for by Medicaid), is a new progressive cultural icon.

He closes with bringing in an interview from the creator of the show Transparent:
Eventually we learn that Soloway has just left her husband and their seven-year-old son, and taken up with a lesbian poet, who is over the moon about how nothing binds our behavior except our own will. I urge you strongly to read the entire profile, because the ending will hit you like a thunderbolt, and tell you exactly what we are dealing with here. Trust me on this. Read it.
The Omnivore urges you to read it too (you can just scroll to the bottom).

The Coming Culture War--And The Next

There are a few things to untangle here--and the terrain is tricky. Before we get to the meat of the post, let's note a few things:

  • There is a difference between making a Christian wedding facilitator bake a cake for a gay wedding and having a Christian drug-store owner sell light-bulbs to a gay person.  In the first case, there is, actually, a religious issue. In the second, there isn't. Having the government interfere in one but not the other might be a reasonable mid-point.
  • Social Conservative unease over transgender and gay lifestyles should be expected: the change has been rapid. On the other hand, there were biblically-based objections to women voting and such and we seem to have survived that as a culture. It also seems unlikely than any damage done by "cultural degeneration" of LGBT acceptance could rival that "done by" contraception and no-fault divorce. In other words, The Omnivore has a little sympathy for people who feel like the ground shifted underneath them--but it looks less like a principled objection and more like "the willies." Of course stuff like the quoted article don't help . . .
That said, let's look at actual dispatches from the future culture war! Rod looked to the immediate future--but The Omnivore can see even further ahead: How about the next thirty years of The Culture Wars??

Give Me Crack and Careless Sex / Take The Only Tree That's Left / Shove It Up The Hole In Your Culture

Leonard Cohen--The Future--live version.

The 'Cyber-Sexual' Gender / Neko-Chan Orientation

This morning's SCOTUS ruling in Tennessee vs. Hokkaido should have any religious conservative still connected to the InterWeb not just concerned--but terrified. It is now possible for a young person to change their gender simply by going online and filing a government form. It is also now permissible to marry an "electronic girl-friend" and receive spousal benefits under the 2018 Family Encouragement Act--this, despite the fact, that such a union is not just biologically incapable of producing children--but is not even biological at all.
For progressives, the idea that love is a chemical reaction and that, as such, it ought to be treated as an entirely internal state with no relevance to the outside world is undoubtedly attractive. If all love is equally worthy of societal respect then no love can be forbidden. Of course now, we will have as many genders and sexual orientations as one can reasonably fit in a 12-character field (already, and sadly this is no joke, the ACLU has filed suit to include special characters), all fully recognized by law.

Marriage Triads and Matrimonial Coercion

Social-Contractual Triads have been in vogue for the past five years as it now requires three working partners to own a house (which, following the so-called My-Basement-My-Rules legislation in 2026, under President Ryan, young people have been far more encouraged to move out than previous generations). Today, however, the Triad Social Contract was taken to a new level when Alfred Hancock was forced under contractual law due to "losing a bet" to become married to Jennifer and Holly McGuinness. 
Hancock, allegedly, engaged the two women in a "drinking game" wherein he was given a psychoactive drug and a contract--which he signed. When he then "lost a bet" (losing to one of the McGuiness' at the Crack-Man arcade simulator), he discovered that the contract required him to 'become married.' Although he is fighting it in court, it should be noted that (a) his defense of being psychologically incapable of defense is undermined by his membership in The Church of The Giving Tree, an online 'congregation' that exists primarily to allow the online purchase of hallucinogenic drugs and define all such use as a 'sacrament.' Additionally, (b), there are several 'registered ministries' who are scrambling to 'perform the marriage' (which they may now do "electronically") in order to keep their coveted Tax-Exempt status.
It should finally be noted that Hancock is the heir to a 75million Doge-Coin crypto-currency fortune which, the McGuiness women are now entitled to 2/3rds of.

Sentenced to Distaff

Canada has often been "ahead" in terms of Progressive Legislation (in 2029 they recognized Animal-Personhood, something that is now only becoming popular in the US). Today, however, they have crossed a new rubicon: the use of gender-assignment as a judicial penalty. Pastor Luis Armstrong was sentenced to serve two decades as a woman using CRISPR-II invasive genetic restructuring and cybernetic hormonal implants.

The sentence was handed down by the Gender Courts for Louis' online sermons about the erosion of male rights and 'insanity' of "giving women the vote." Convicted under the International Trolling Act, Louis' speech was deemed a category 9 "microaggression" resulting in safe-place violation, dissonant idea pollution, and cultural heterodoxy.

Experts have speculated that Mr. Armstrong might be required to bear children if the technique is 100% effective.

A-Sexual Riots and Civil Disobedience

The first "Asex Riot" took place in Seattle last night following the accidental publication of a Cyber-Ad featuring a nude female. The A-Sex populace took to the streets chanting "No Sex Means No Sex! No Means No!" and using EMP Flashers to scramble police drones and knock out power-systems. The riot culminated in the burning of a Starbucks Temple and the flogging of the "Caffeine Priest" for "promoting sexual feelings" with their chemical stimulants. 
It is probably noteworthy to keep in mind that the Starbucksian Religion (one of over 12 thousand corporate religions officially recognized by the United States Chamber of Religion) is the closest to Christianity remaining on the West Coast. As such, they have been targeted by X-Treme Sexuality Activists in many places across the US.
These riots, becoming more and more common (and allowed under the progressive Alternate-Religions Expression laws) are leading many politicians to consider the Sexual Orientation Standardization Laws the A-Sex activists wish to enact. Under the proposed laws, all US citizens of voting age would undergo chemical therapy to remove their sexual orientation permanently.

The Wolfe At The Door

If you are reading this then it is likely you are still free and have access to Crypto-Net. We have moved to The Monastery, our undisclosed cultural ark, trying to survive the second Fall of Man.  Inoculated against airborne microbial 'pharmaceuticals' we are perhaps the last North American traditionalists who remember the United States of America for what it once was. 
Unwilling to join the Global Family--in which everyone literally marries everyone--including computer Artilects and amplified dogs and dolphins--we are hunted by Culture Drones and are forced to grow our own food, farm our own livestock, and otherwise live as our ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. Because of network surveillance, I am unclear if this is reaching anyone. We know there were still some hold-outs in the Global Sleep Caliphate and, again, in the Orbital Arks, but on the ground? In the United NA-Territory once known as the United States?
I'm afraid the answer is: We are alone.

It Wasn't That Bad!!

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