Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump Attack! Blood In The Water?

Is That Trump In The Suit? (Picture from SyFy's The Magicians)

Or can they? Last night Team Cruzio went after Trump in a big way. They scored hits. Trump got kinda mad. They underscored the basic vacancy of his campaign (specifics, etc.) The question is, did they put a dent in him? Stop him? We'll find out next Tuesday.

There is little question that Trump got beat up pretty badly. Rubio, confounding The Omnivore's assessment of him, actually hit the hardest. Cruz, confirming The Omnivore's opinion of him, used some of his attack-cycles to try to hit Rubio as well.

Carson, continuing his trend, whined about coverage. Kasich piped up every time Trump was getting hammered to give the Mr. Rodgers treatment and take the temperature down. Conservatives in The Omnivore's Twitter feed were not amused.

Will It Matter?

 Damn, man, who knows??

Well, What Do You Think?

The Omnivore thinks the evidence, at this point, suggests NOTHING Trump says matters. Behold:

THIS is our GOP Debate. This is what has become of what was called the strongest line-up in history.

What The Fuck?

We're going to see if a full on, all out, testicular assault on Trump will generate results. The Omnivore is waiting for Cruz to hang back and Rubio to go all in. Of course Trump got a Youge Endorsement from Chris Christie who may not be done taking Rubio's lunch-money yet. Trump couldn't buy a better attack-dog than Christie 

The Omnivore wonders if Chris got a call from Obama: 

Obama: "Remember my price for Super Storm Sandy. I'm calling in part 2."

Christie: "I already hugged you, Barack."

Obama: "And I did my part. But you knew this day would come when I would ask something of you."

Christie: "What??"

Obama: "Endorse Trump."

Christie: "No. No way. I've said like six times he's unqualified to be president! And I meant it."

Obama: "You know we have those heart-attack guns, Chris. Scalia? There wasn't even an autopsy."

Christie: "You mother--"

Obama: "All I'm asking is an endorsement. Hell, you'll even get to keep beating up on Rubio."

Christie pauses. Then: "Yeah, alright. That was kinda fun."

Obama: "I'll look for it tomorrow. Own the news cycle, Chris."

Christie: "Call me Christie if we ever speak again and don't call."

Obama: "Bye, Chris."

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