Monday, June 27, 2016

Regrexit - Impact on America?

The chaos-spiral continues with financial markets rocked, resignations across Parliament, and finger pointing. The petition to re-do the Brexit Vote is said to be over 4MM votes (the LEAVE vote tallied 17MM)--the site is down now, presumably due to overload.

What Next?

There is much to be sorted. If there is a new general election (possible with Cameron's resignation) then a do-over could be on the ballot. If not--or if it happens and, again, REMAIN doesn't win--there will be a 2 year period of trying to figure out:

  • How European financial services (now headquartered and run out of London) will be handled.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Immigration agreements.
  • How to limit contagion--will Brussels come down hard on England to prevent others from leaving--or risk letting them go happily, believing that everyone realizes they're unique?
The chaos could go on for a while.

What Now?

Erotic novelist and Hugo nominated author Chuck Tingle has given us a look at the Post-Brexit future in his steamy novel Pounded By The Pound:
Apparently it involves a hellscape with demonic flying dragons dressed in red uniforms and large black hats.

The Omnivore, however, finds this Amazon review the most telling:

Yes, that seems to be a great deal of what's going around. For example, from the Economist article, we get this quote:
IT WAS a troubling exchange. On live television Faisal Islam, the political editor of SkyNews, was recounting a conversation with a pro-Brexit Conservative MP. “I said to him: ‘Where’s the plan? Can we see the Brexit plan now?’ [The MP replied:] ‘There is no plan. The Leave campaign don’t have a post-Brexit plan…Number 10 should have had a plan.’” The camera cut to Anna Botting, the anchor, horror chasing across her face.
For those American readers, The Omnivore is pretty sure "Number 10" is David Cameron who has resigned over the vote.

Is This Good Or Bad For Trump?

People seem divided on whether the Brexit is good or bad for The Donald. Most of the conventional wisdom is that "They thought it couldn't happen--and IT DID." Well, that's somewhat true IF:
  1. You Don't Analyze The Polls. Some were way off. Some were spot on. The smart analysis (PEC and 538) said that it was really close. People chose what they wanted to believe. That's not currently the case with the anti-Trump camp. It has been weeks since Trump led in any poll.
  2. You Ignore the Object Lesson. The narrative coming out of England right now is that of catastrophe. Yes, the UK and world markets, might soon recover--but this is a very real blow and it's being reported as such. The Democrats had their object lesson on getting what you protested for in 2000 with Bush vs. Gore. The Nader voters, essentially, voted in the Iraq war (no one thinks Nader would have invaded Iraq). The Omnivore thinks that potentially Democratic Trump-Protest-Voters who are going "how bad could it be?" are seeing here how bad it could be.
  3. Trump Fails To Capitalize. Trump had a brilliant chance to look presidential, being overseas on location, at the time of an unexpected crisis. He played golf. Presently he's trying to hit Hillary on her "Brexit call"--but as unrest unfolds that may look like a mistake as well. He'll likely give another Teleprompter speech--but that's not an especially strong move.
Basically? The super-angry / don't-care vote is already going to Trump. The question now is what possible Hillary voters (of which many Sanders voters are included) decide to do. The Omnivore thinks that the Brexit, as an illustration of voting in protest, may wake up a generation too young to remember Nader and 2000.


  1. Though "Number 10" undoubtedly refers to 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of Her Majesty's Government and the official residence and office of the Prime Minister (and hence, yes, Mr. Cameron), it might be more accurate - just this once! - to read that in binary as a cruel but wickedly accurate geek comment on the current status of that house's best-known resident.

    You read it here first.


    -- Ω

  2. Let's thank England for the object lesson in stupidity and consider it payback for pulling their asses out of WW2. Thanks buddy!