Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 4: Trump Towers

Tweet during the Trump Speech
Looking like a set out of movie--and, judging from the dark tone of the speech, a dystopian one at that, Trump addressed the nation on night four to middling viewership numbers (Caveat: we don't have streaming or C-Span numbers). 

Was It Good?

The only metric that matters will be the polling after this coming week (the DNC convention). Right now we cannot say whether it was effective or not.

Did The Omnivore Like It?

The speech leaked ahead of time (or was leaked, whatever) and people who read it, including The Omnivore, thought it was very effective. Rod Dreher found it terrifyingly effective--on paper. David Frum felt that it was toxic--but that it would work.

That was on paper. In practice it was too long--the longest on record (or the second). It was close to the printed page--but not identical--it was broken up in ways that may have hurt its coherence. It was . . . loud. It was angry. Make America Deaf Again may not have quite been the winning delivery.

The Omnivore watched and felt that, while it seemed impossible hours before, perhaps Trump had gone too far on the anger meter. We'll see.

Now we get the Clinton VP roll-out, the DNC--and then? Whoever is ahead after that? They usually win.

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