Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What If It Was Obama?

The Omnivore got a question recently: What if "they" (the press, the opposing party) had done to Obama the same things that "they" (the press, the Democrats) are doing to Trump? Wouldn't it be unfair? Wouldn't it be . . . an atrocity?

To be honest? It takes some serious lack of introspection to even ask that question--but let's do it.

What Are The Charges?

According to this person, the things "they" are doing to Trump are:

  1. Delaying his cabinet positions through procedural techniques
  2. Calling him a liar, constantly, on TV
  3. Riots when Trump was elected (and after)
  4. Attacks on Trump's 10-year-old son
  5. Attacking Trump's ban--but not Obama's

So--What if "They" Did That?

We don't have to wonder. They did. 

Delay Of Appointments

The GOP blocked more of Obama's federal judge appointments than any congress for decades. This isn't even the Supreme Court pick which (a) was a moderate with bi-partisan support, (b) did not even get a hearing, and (c) went a record number of days for no really good reason.

Oh, because they were waiting for the people to speak with the election, you say? Yeah--that's what you say. Ted Cruz said "Eight Judges forever" when it looked like Hillary might win. But you knew that--you just hoped we didn't.

Where was the outrage? Oh, there was some--but not much. Sorry guys.

Calling Him A Liar On TV

Obama was called a liar to his face on national TV during the State of the Union. Surely you remember that. Were you outraged? No, you were not. But your selective memory is even worse. Firstly, Obama's "If you like your health care plan you can keep it" was deemed the Lie of the Year by PolitiFact. But, yeah, you hate them coastal elite fact checkers, The Omnivore knows.

Secondly, well, Trump and his surrogates are lying their assess off. On TV. To You. And you don't know/can't tell. That's why we need CNN to do this:

Let The Omnivore test something out with you: The Bowling Green Massacre--that was Kellyanne Conway substituting a word (terrorists) for another word (massacre), right? Did you know she did it at least twice more on the record before then? Maybe you knew that. Maybe not. That's not a slip-up. It's a lie--or a really, really bad mistake. Of course now half of Trump voters think the Bowling Green Massacre was real--Do you think it was real?

If you realize there was no Bowling Green Massacre, then maybe CNN is doing the right thing with the administration's other lies? Right. Heh. The Omnivore didn't think so--but he had to try.

Partisanship is a hell of a drug.

Anti-Trump Riots

There were Tea Party protests after Obama was elected. Some of these included threatening slogans ("If Brown Won't Do It, A Browning Will"). These were covered. Presumably if Republicans had done similar things they would have been covered too. There would have, yes, been some derision from the other side. BUT, let's talk about one riot in particular--the big one--you know, the women's riot.

What are we talking about? Oh, you remember--Sheriff Clarke--your law-n-order hero who says anti-Obama things with black skin? Here he goes:

A total collapse of the social order?? There were zero arrests. A "Women's Riot"? Really guys? The Omnivore will explain this to you in small words: If the GOP had staged a "women's riot" like the one Trump got, the Democrats would have been terrified--they'd feel they were losing a core-constituency. That's what would have happened.

But wait--there was at least one assault. The manly wall of meat--the Bikers for Trump--were brutally assaulted at the Women's Riot.

Attacks on Baron Trump

There were a few, yes. One person, a Saturday Night Live writer was suspended for her's. Chelsea Clinton came out in Baron's defense as did everyone else. This is pretty normal stuff--someone crosses the line and gets shouted down or sanctioned. Of course you remember this, don't you?

Sure you do--you were outraged. You were--what? No? Riiiight.

Attacking Trump's Ban--But Not Obama's

The final plank of stupid in this list is due to the administration's attempt to blame their ban on Obama's ban. What's going on with that? The Omnivore will give you some real talk.
  1. Trump campaigned on a Muslim Ban.
  2. Rudy Giuliani went on national TV and explained that he was asked by Trump how to legally create a Muslim Ban and came back with the ban that mimicked Obama's (kinda).
  3. The Trump administration went way, way further than Obama's ban did by denying visas in process.
  4. The Trump administration went all out un-American by deporting green card holders.
  5. The Trump administration's roll out was amateur-hour chaos--that's if it wasn't intentionally designed to create chaos.
Of course you knew all of this--you're just hoping we don't.

Right? You're not really that dense? Are you?


The question anyone stating any of the above should be asking themselves is what they would be doing if the roles were reversed? If the Intelligence Community were saying that Obama was compromised by a foreign country? If Obama was taking calls about Nork in a crowded restaurant and reviewing material by pointing unsecured cell-phones at it? If Obama wouldn't release his tax returns and had foreign holdings all over the place?

What would you be saying. Well, we know--"Lock Her Up," "Impeach," and "Release The Birth Certificate." What if Obama was playing golf 3 out of 4 weekends at his private golf course?

See, that's the problem: We do know. And now we know you didn't mean any of it.

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  1. Could you do a counter piece to this - what if Trump were a Democrat and how the Right would be _freaking out_ about Russia and a half dozen other things...