Monday, May 1, 2017

Another Thing Coming

The Omnivore saw an online Twitter-poll from a liberal (not leftist) source: Who would you choose (if it comes to this):

  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Mark Zuckerberg
It's  . . .  kind of a hard choice, really. Do you want the guy who basically owns all your social media data running the country or . . . Clinton Mk III? The Omnivore (and the original tweeter) isn't at all suggesting it should come to this--just that, erm, it might.

In the Post-Trumpocalypse world, who's to say? 

The Clinton Facts

If you are one of those people who believes that Clinton was a counterpart to Trump in terms of Liberal vs. Crazy, The Omnivore can't help you. Clinton was a popular Secretary of State for many years (fact). She regularly was polled by Gallup as the most admired woman in the world (fact). She had tons of experience in politics--was a policy wonk--and knew the international political scene as well as anyone.

These are all irrefutable facts.

If you believe she was hopelessly corrupt? Well, The Omnivore can't help you--she was investigated to hell and back and however corrupt Clinton could have tried to be, she's a piker compared to what Trump is doing now.

The above isn't an irrefutable fact-set--but go ahead: try to refute it.


Here's one thing The Omnivore is certain of: Whoever primary's Trump--and whoever runs against him--both will run on restoring dignity to the White House.

The problem is: this may not be possible.

Is Something Irreparably Broken In America?

'Irreparably' is a strong word--but The Omnivore thinks that something--some Rubicon--has been crossed with the election and installation of Trump. For example: Gorka being ousted isn't good news compared to the fact that a pretty obvious Nazi-Like-Object got into the White House in the first place.

Trump's apparent self-dealing makes it clear that the Republicans absolutely will not seriously investigate one of their own. You may say the Democrats wouldn't either--but that hasn't been shown in nearly the same way . . . yet. Let's just say that The Omnivore isn't all that hopeful. The reason why is that there isn't a guiding principle in play here that seems to have any political traction. 

On The Right: It's clear that the GOP has no overarching governing principle. They don't have clear ideas about Obamacare, Tax Reform, Foreign Policy, or anything else. Worse, this isn't exactly a "transition" issue which will get ironed out. It appears to be fundamental: the Reaganite vision is dead. What remains? Some kind of half-baked populism? It's not clear.

On The Left: The Left has a less traumatic problem--but only by degrees. Firstly, their base can't decide if they're going to be the staid, solid, adults-in-the-room--or social justice advocates who want to first topple Wall Street and then rebuild something amid the rubble. There's little doubt Hillary would have bombed Syria too. The Omnivore thinks Bernie would not have done anything, really.

Which is the Democrats? Which should be

(Note: This is one data-point--but it's indicative of a whole pattern)

This lack of clarity is caused by a number of factors that don't seem to be going away any time soon. These are:
  1. Problems with no-good-solutions. What do you do about North Korea? Economic Inequality? Medical Care in America? Right.
  2. The Elevation of Assholes. The right has elevated guys like Mike Cernovich. If you think that's "okay" because "You don't know who the fuck Mike Cernovich is," well, you're part of the problem--and if you're a Democrat, you're the smug-liberal-bubble-type of the problem (even if you voted for Trump or didn't vote at all--then: especially). Of course Samantha Bee isn't helping much either, it seems.
  3. Lack of Leadership: Charisma is hard to define but it's hard to argue that Hillary came close to Trump's. Yes: Trump is repulsive to a lot of people--but so was Hillary. The fact is that Trump made it as a reality TV mogul and won the presidency. He was (if just barely) likable enough. Hillary--Obama aside (not really)--wasn't. Who fills this gap? Biden? Booker? Cruz? . . . Uh . . .
Without leadership, clear ideas on solutions to real problems, and with each side clinging to their Guns and Religion Assholes, we're kind of strapped to a missile aimed directly at fucked-town. To make things worse, that missile is accelerating faster and faster.

I've Seen The Future Brother, It Is Murder

Not only are our problems not going away--but we're getting new ones. We're going to have a shit-load of people losing lower level jobs in a decade. This from the retail-collapse, the self-driving vehicle explosion, and A-fucking-I augmenting a bunch of people so that one underpaid employee can do the work of 5. This isn't the Complete Economic Realignment which is going to land on us like that Armageddon meteor in 20 years--no. This is just the shape of things to come.

We're not nearly ready. Society isn't caught up to Russians fucking with our news sources and Social Media mainlining everyone else's Ids into our eyeballs. We can't handle what we've got. We can't handle what we can clearly SEE coming.

Want a chillClick Here.

Yeah--we're not ready for 2025 which is 8 years away.

Zuckerberg vs. Clinton

So imagine the showdown is Trump (because Cruz primaries Trump and loses) vs. [ Zuck v. Clinton ] in the primary. You're a previous Trump voter (or Hillary voter--but let's imagine) but even through your haze of identity politics you realize that 4 more years of Trump will sink what's left of America (hey, we had one nuclear war already in his term).

So who do you choose?

Fuck. You can't choose Zuckerberg because he's going to turn us into the United States of Facebook. You can't choose Chelsea because she's got no background--but has a corrupt, paranoid political dynasty behind her. You're still mad at imaginary liberals in your head--but you can't choose Trump. 

The Answer: Zuckservative

So this is no kind of good choice--but The Omnivore chooses Mark Zuckerberg because while it's certainly a Cyberpunk Dystopia Nightmare Presidency, he's the only guy on the list who might be able to prepare for the Cyberpunk Dystopia Nightmare future we've got commin'.

And brother, we've all got it commin'.

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