Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Melania's Trump Hatred And The Seth Rich Stupiduty

Suppose I told you (a Trump supporter--okay, okay--but just imagine) that it was ESTABLISHED PROOF that Melania Trump hates Donald Trump--and refuses to touch him.

Bullshit, you would say/think. Is this based on some clips of video interpreted by assholes who hate Trump and the elegant First Lady to start with?

Why yes--yes, it would be. We've got several shots of Melania brushing off Trump's attempts to take her hand or otherwise engage her.

In Rome:
In Israel:

In America:

Here it is--three, count them three--pieces of unforged video evidence--that's proof that Melania Trump despises Donald. After all, what else could explain it?

The Seth Rich Stupidity

Right now Sean Hannity is flogging the ridiculous Seth Rich story for all it's worth. The story is that, allegedly, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, gave emails (Podesta's?) to Wikileaks--as a leak--and so Hillary had him killed (or something). The story floated around during the primary with Bernie-Bros, loving Wikileaks and hating Hillary clinging to hope that the scandal would bring her down.

Post election, it might seem weird to keep beating the dead horse until you realize that (a) Trump's news media is apocalyptic right now with numerous damaging leaks, congressional testimony that isn't a good look for him, and an agenda that is most charitably described as stalled (uncharitably: ridiculous).

So Fox has to fill its hours of red-meat with something and hating on Hillary does a good job of that. Hence: the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. What is the evidence that Seth Rich was the source of the leaks / killed for it? Well:

  1. Seth was shot in the back--but nothing was taken. Clearly not a robbery, right? An assassination?
  2. A local Fox channel published a block-buster story saying that evidence of Wikileaks-Rich collaboration existed and was being hidden. This has collapsed entirely with the guy saying it admitting he made it all up.
  3. Assange indicated that Rich was the leaker. No evidence--in fact IC statements to the contrary (as well as public data)--but Assange said it.
  4. Kim Dotcom, a "reliable source" who hates Hillary also said it. He used his most recent reveal to get Hillary to send a ton of traffic to his site promoting his mix-tapes or some shit.
  5. The DNC, during the primary, did not let the FBI examine its servers when they thought they might have been hacked.
That's it. There's a veritable rabbit hole of bullshit you can climb down if you feel like it--but ultimately, it all comes down to a few unanswered questions, lies, and extremely dodgy sources. But if you believe there's an ounce of truth there what do you think about the Melania-Hates-Trump theory?

The Omnivore attests that it has way, way more proof that she hates her husband--they LIVE APART! She ONCE LIKED A CRITICAL TWEET ABOUT DONALD, There's psychological analysis of her tweets that shows she's basically enslaved

Here's the deal: if you explain all that away with "it's bullshit--it doesn't prove anything--you're just motivated to trash Donald / Melania--you're right! All this armchair speculation is just that. Who the fuck knows anything about their actual love life? The Omnivore is sure with Trump under assault in the Oval Office it can't be great right now--but that'd go for any human being--not just horrible ones.

On the other hand, if you like the Seth Rich story and dismiss the Melania Trump story . . . you're the worst kind of sucker: a partisan sucker who doesn't even realize it.

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