Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Snake

“I saved you,” cried the woman,
“And you’ve bitten me, heavens why?
“You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die.”
“Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin,
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!”
-- The Snake

At a campaign event Donald Trump read from the poem "The Snake" where a woman rescues a snake and it bites her, killing her. Trump is speaking about refugees (Islamic)--but The Omnivore is thinking of a different species that The Donald is unwisely welcoming into his home--literally.

The Right-Wing Media.

The Right-Wing Media

In an age where Fox News, busted for allowing 13 million dollars of rampant sexual harassment over the years, is now judged too social-justicy (and too far left) the White House has opened its doors to The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Mike Cernovich, and others.

This, of course, is a mistake. Here is a Breitbart reporter taking it to Sean Spicer over the current budget's lack of funding of a border-wall. Breitbart also hosts a partial transcript of Rush Limbaugh's meeting with VP Pence saying "if this is the budget we get with R's in power--why vote Republican?" Ann Coulter isn't in the White House (yet) but she fumes over the budget saying Swamp People: 47; Trump: 0.

Now, it's true: Trump did not in fact, deliver on all his budget priorities in this go-round. He did get some money for border improvement and the military. VP Pence says this is a serious win for the American people.

It is, of course: Obamacare is still funded along with Planned Parenthood--but that's not what he meant. VP Pence, Trump, Spicey, et. al. are, of course spinning a Capitol Hill thumping as hard as they can--yes. That's also true. That's what they do.

But okay--that's politicians. Why would the Right-Wing media lie?

Why The Right-Wing Press Lies: The Dirty Little Secrets

The RW press lies because there are several dirty-little-secrets that would ruin Republican voter's day if they were said out-loud by people the Republican Voters trust. The reason there is a right-wing media is because the normal media wouldn't carry the water for the Republicans as they became more and more ridiculous ("It's the Democrats forcing a government shutdown! We swear!")

Here's a few of the Dirty Little Secrets the right-wing media can't tell the truth on.
  1. The popular pre-existing condition protection in the ACA requires maximal buy-in by healthy people (hence the mandate). They're going to try to push an eight billion dollar fund (which won't be enough--but kind of sounds like it is). If they told the truth, they'd say it was either (a) The Mandate (b) Billions and Billions of Government dollars forever, or (c) Let people with pre-existing conditions get fucked. That's the truth--but they can't say that--so they have to tell some preposterous lies.
  2. The Border Wall was never going to be paid for by Mexico, Won't work, and will never be built. Huh? Yeah--all of that. We can't build it as depicted due to terrain, most illegal immigrants come over by airplane and then overstay their visas, the wall will require taking land from thousands of Americans via endless court-cases, trying to interdict funds going into Mexico is "good luck, trying that dude" (major banks even have problems with that when they try), and although Congress likes the idea of border security, they mainly don't like the fantasy-wall. So that means that Republicans have to tell a series of whoppers to try to get you to believe it's all feasible--at least remotely feasible.
  3. Trump is a good negotiator. Let's face it: Trump is amateur-hour when it comes to government in general. When it comes to policy, he's Mr. Did-Not-Do-The-Homework. His plan for bi-partisan cooperation seems to be the Pick-Up Artist's political equivalent of "negging"--insulting the opposition so they'll feel insecure and . . . fold at the table? Doesn't seem to be working--maybe 'cause they're mostly men? The president is winging it like a Frat Boy at Hooters. Because telling the truth about this would blow the narrative, they have to sling some pretty stinky bullshit. Fortunately, you trust them implicitly.
So all this lying is necessary for the right-wing narrative to function. This, in fact, is why there's a Right-Wing media. But . . . there's  . . . a problem. The problem is that while the Right-Wing media has zero problems telling lies, for whatever reason they are not lying for the president right now.

But the question you should be asking yourself (but are not, if you are one of the consumers of Right Wing Media) is this: Why not? Why not tell some lies about the budget too?

The Right-Wing Press Requires Something It Doesn't Have Right Now

If you say "Duh, Omni--it's because this time out the Prez didn't quite deliver and so the RW press is, of course, going to take a whack at him--" consider that they spun happily for his lie about inauguration size. That they happily lied and carried water for his various flip-flops--for his lies about 3 million illegals voting--all of that. They sold his lie about wiretapping--a million other things. Why not continue to lie this time?

(You don't buy that--because you simply don't believe it. That's okay--The Omnivore didn't expect you to).

The reason why the Right-Wing press isn't lying right now is because in order for their business model to work--that's the outrage machine--they need an enemy. Who is it? Well, it's Democrats in congress--but they've been really quiet. In fact, they didn't have to do anything to shoot down the AHCA. The Senate Republicans will do that just fine with any bill the House finally manages to pass.

Also: they're a minority--sure: they can filibuster--but they haven't even had to do it yet.

Obama? Good! But he's out of power and while he's resurfaced somewhat, as has Hillary, neither of these make a good scapegoat. So who do you blame? Because the Right Wing media is all about blaming someone--that's how they work. That's what they do. So who will they blame?

That's right: Ryan (1), Kushner (and Ivanka, a little) (2), and, you know--if they have to--Trump.

The only thing they care more about than seeing the New Right catapulted into power is their own skins--and what it takes is attacking The Power--so they will. The reactionary new right (Trumpism) doesn't exist as a ruling party--they only exist meaningfully as a counter-culture.

Something has to burn. Today? It's Trump.

Of course Trump knows this--or should know it--but he let them in anyway. 

Bad move.

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