Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The High-Score Killers

The recent Netflix-series Mind Hunters takes us back to the 1960's or 1970's where these FBI guys are discovering something "new"--killers without normal motivations who kill repeatedly. We know, from the previews, and real life, they are going to name these guys "serial killers."

Today we just had another mass shooting--this one was random as well (from what we know so far, anyway--just take it as directional as news continues to break)--we are seeing 'parallel killers' who kill in large numbers with no clear motive.

Vegas is the poster-event for this: the killer's motive is still unknown. He issued no manifesto and seemed not to  "leak" (tell someone--in parlance of mass-shooter jargon). This is unusual. Most mass-killers do leak. Even Dylan Roof told people what he was going to do (they thought he was talking out his ass).

But today? Today we're seeing the full form, it appears, of something different. I'm calling them "High-Score Killers." Why?

  • Their behavior is carefully planned, like other mass shooters --but--
  • Unlike most historical mass shootings there is no manifesto and, even more surprising, minimal or no social media footprint.
  • It seems to be geared towards maximizing causalities in a way others were not
The first guy that The Omnivore can plainly think of to fit this mold is Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook. In this case the targets were chosen for maximal vulnerability. His lack of any social-media footprint was assisted by his complete destruction of his computers. It isn't that easy to destroy a hard-drive to the point where forensic analysis won't bring data back.

He managed it.

Likewise, the Vegas shooter utilized location, firing angle, and technology to maximize his impact. He didn't have any apparent hate-on for country music fans. He was reportedly a Trump-Supporter who was happy with the stock-market's performance (Note: In case it needs to be said, while The Omnivore blames Trump for ALL KINDS of things, this isn't one of them).

The word is that the guy even had an escape plan of sorts. So what the hell did he want? 

The High-Score.

What If The Omnivore Is Wrong?
 It is entirely possible that, in fact, we are not really seeing something "new." Firstly social media hasn't been around that long and a lot of killings have had no clear motivation. So okay. Right?

What If The Omnivore Is Right?
We're fucked. If the goal of a killer is to top-the-last-guy (or, at least, leave a "heck've a mark") then we are going to be facing a problem which virtually cannot be predicted or prepared for. Even if people are commonly carrying-concealed a high-score killer won't be deterred: they may simply adapt (as in Vegas--no one's concealed gun would help them when ambushed by a long-range rifle from above).

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  1. Too much stuff going on regarding Vegas. I am wondering if mafia controls casinos still? Or, if not, do the casino owners have that much control over the police that facts are silenced?

    I am still gathering evidence.