Friday, February 16, 2018

The DACA Debacle

One of the strangest beliefs of Trump-Voters is that Trump's actions represent actual plans and manipulations. For example, the idea that DACA needed to actually be passed as a bill by Congress--and NOT an Executive Order as the lame Obama made it--so Trump threw DACA to Congress, so we'll finally get it done right--is simply crazy.

The reason Obama did DACA by EO was that Congress can't find its collective ass with both hands, a flashlight, and a compass--much less pass a decent DACA bill.

Rather than Trump making a savvy play to "do things right" he just fucked over DACA and then tossed the hot-potato to congress.

Now he's saying the Democrats are filbiustering bills that don't get 50, much less 60 votes (i.e. are not getting REPUBLICAN votes, much less being filibustered by Democrats). He's saying this, probably, because his base will believe it--and he hopes some DACA recepients might believe it to (?).

Maybe he just thinks his base is that stupid.

NARRATOR'S VOICE: "Trump was right, his base DID believe it."

Of course the reason that Congress can't pass a DACA bill is because they have all the wrong incentives to. In the house, deep red districts want sympathetic DACA kids gone--thrown out. So there are a handful of reps who couldn't vote for a solid DACA solution even if they wanted to.

Then there are people who want to trade DACA-for-a-wall. That could actually happen (the Democrats would take the hit--but they've offered to)--BUT--it comes with Stephen Milller's wish to flat-line legal immigration from brown countries.

That has some, erm, racist overtones, so it has problems with certain REPUBLICANS who don't agree with that.

Then there's the president's base--who want DACA out-out-out. Trump may have a judo-grip on his base--but a big part of that is because of how he, um, interacts, with, um, brown people. It might be a bridge too far for him to let DACA people stay--and eventually vote.

The Omnivore suspects he's aware of that.

So what now?

Well, what now is that Congress still can't get its act together--but the smart money says Donald doesn't start deporting DACA dudes on March 5th. That's because there was no plan--there was just chaos.

Of course it'll be seen as a brilliant move by his base.


  1. Anecdotes are useless of course but the only Trump supporters I know actually support DACA so...yeah.

  2. It's been nearly a month now and this post feels like ancient history.