Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Parable of The Littlest Nazi

The Omnivore tells you a story you haven't heard before.

ONCE upon a time--and this was a while back when it was not fashionable to be a nazi--there was a nazi who lived in a small town. He was very hateful--but he was also very small--and when he talked in his racist way about the Jews and Blacks he would get the ever-living fuck beaten out of him. So he kind of stopped doing that.

But he was, still, a nazi--so he could not really help himself.

When he moved to a new town he hit upon a new idea: Now he talked about racial statistics. He would cite FBI statistics of crime. He would talk about wealthy Jews in banking and hollywood. He would cite numbers and data--and he, of course, would not shut up about it.

First people said: "You're kinda a racist nazi, dude."

To which he parried: "I am only stating facts! Ha! Got you! Debate my facts!!"

And then they beat the ever-living fuck out of him--because he was a nazi.



  1. This is a terrific story, using the best words. No story, ever, has been better or had more greatness to its success. I see this as a huge victory for the blog, the author, and - potentially - the entire nation. Many people are saying this story is better than anything ever written, especially by the previous author.

  2. Satisfying as it might be, beating up even people as vile as [neo-]Nazis tends to play into their hands. It is primarily attention they desire, after all. Better, I think, to ignore them — provided, of course, that all they're doing is spouting whatever nonsense they read on The Daily Stormer or that week. Once they go beyond that, it's game on. The horrors perpetrated by their spiritual forebears are still within living memory, and anyone seriously attempting to revive any of that Herrenvolk crap — by something more than mere speech — fully deserves to be on the receiving end of said horrors.

    That said, it's somewhat amusing to note that the actual National Socialists of the 1930s and 1940s would have had no patience at all for America's latest crop of homegrown alt-right yahoos. One look at those fat, drunken, undisciplined and incoherent losers would have convinced the "real" Nazis that these were mental defectives who needed to be locked up, maybe even executed as Untermenschen.

    Oh well. People continue to take the bait, probably because the loudmouths can't tell the rest of us what they want, what they really, really want. And why's that, you ask? Because they don't know themselves, and would deny it if the truth was pointed out to them.

    It's hard to use the best words when some of them are paraphrased from the Spice Girls. But one does what one must.

    -- Ω