Friday, August 10, 2012

Dump The ROMinee: The Case Against Mormons

The Title Is The Only Clever Part About It. Too Bad It's Also Juvenile
A memo ... backed up by a 100+ page PDF "book" (which is free--but also mysteriously sells on Amazon for 9.99) has been mailed out to about 20,000 people including all the Republican convention delegates. It's message--in long-winded, heavily notationed hysterics: Dump Romney (who they call The Rominee--because he's the nominee, see?). If you don't, he'll lose.

Because he is a Mormon.

And Mormons are ... Well, I'll let you read for yourself: From the chapter titled Judge Not ...
Stipulated: As deeply sinful human beings ourselves, none of us wish to cast eternal stones – nor fiery brimstone – in divine condemnation of Romney (e.g., for his “Gay Youth Pride Proclamations” and gay marriage inauguration); of Ms. Cheney and Rep. Frank (for availing themselves, and their deeply wounded self-images, of that unwisdom which Romney spawned); of Sandusky (for imagining he had cover for his gay/bisex outrages from institutions and politicians cowed by the GLBT Left); of John Edwards, JFK, LBJ, RFK, RFK Jr., Bush 41, Clinton, Gingrich, Dole, Sanford, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jr., Giuliani, etc. (for treating their wives and marital vows with contempt).

Nor would we wish to damn: Anderson Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres or Vicki Gene Robinson (nice people who have dedicated their careers, in part, to putting a sunny face on the profound sadness of homosexual choices);69 nor Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (for giving cover to adultery, incest, pedophilia, pederasty, homoeroticism,70 polytheism and polyamory under the rubrics of religion, plural marriage, and Temple Endowment rituals, etc.); nor would we damn the woman who was reportedly rescued, by a Jewish rabbi from an adulterer’s grim fate, in John 8.
Good thing they're not judging, huh?

The document claims, simply, Romney is losing now--if the "Tampa Tragedy" happens and Romney is made the nominee, he's going to lose worse. Because Mormons are abominations.

The book hits everything.

  • It calls Mormon women "Stepford Wives." 
  • They go into historic anti-black racism, anti-hispanic racism, and various "science fiction" beliefs (which, yeah, apparently at the base of the religion there's some weird stuff--but, you know: weirder than resurrection and transubstantiation? I dunno--it seems pretty weird to me--but I wan't brought up with it either. I'll just stand over here judging a little). 
  • They're insulting. They call him the Sci-Fi President and Governor Moonbeam. They call loyal Utah delegates "Harem Delegates." They call enthusiastic Romney voters "mindless rombots." What is this? The comments section?
  • They call nominating Romney a "suicide pact" and ...
  • Romney is a member of a kooky cult – a Missionary, Priest, President and Bishop in an historic sex cult rife with pedophilia, racism, anti-Semitism, adultery, polygamy, homoeroticism and sci-fi weirdness from the very start. Would Tampa’s delegates ever, in their wildest dreams, anoint an authoritarian cult leader like Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson or L. Ron Hubbard to be their nominee for the Presidency?

Their opening picture is two soldiers kissing.
It Should've Been Romney and Obama Kissing--Even If They Had to Shop It!
There's a section, early on, merging Joe Paterno and Joseph Smith ... and Sandusky. Yeah: not only did Romney murder some lady--he's also a pedophile.

Come on, people.

The Plan
The plan is this: get the real, loyal Christian Republican delegates to abstain for the crucial first vote after which they can do whatever they want. They submit that this will result in not-enough-to nominate Romney and will then allow them to elect someone else. Presumably Santorum. Or maybe Jesus.

Would it work? The only places I've seen so many footnotes are on schizophrenics' documents on alternate histories--so I can't figure it out. And the document itself is so unprofessionally written that it's hard to follow anyway. Ultimately it's all ...
So, no: I can't figure out if The Plan would work or not. I'll assume it would sow chaos--which is likely almost as good as nominating Santorum. I guess.

What Do I Think?
I'm disgusted. And I'm not a conspiratorialist so I'm going to go with the current thinking on this atrocity:
[I]t's a brainchild of Steve Baldwin, the former chief of the Council for National Policy, a low-profile, well-connected conservative group. Baldwin said the memo was sent out to 20,000 people in politics in media, as well as RNC delegates.
Baldwin notes he has "no problem" with Mormons--he just thinks others do. Airtight.

Note that these guys are the same group of rich evangelicals who backed Santorum that Kos called the Dark Jedi Council. They're low-profile but well connected and have the conservative movement's ear. If they decide to pull support from Romney they could cost him. Whether or not this is "them" or just "one of them" remains to be seen.

But if I were a conspiracy theory guy, here's what I'd propose: Ted Kennedy ran successfully against Romney using Bain--but he also "used" Mormonism. How could he do that? It's, you know, the 'third rail.' Right? It is.

So (according to some people) he totally went out there and said "We're not going to talk about his Mormonism. Nope. Off limits. Uh-uh. Not gonna do it. No Mormonism here--wouldn't be cool. Or kosher--or whatever those freaky polygamists--I mean--those ... Mormons ... use ..."

Now, whether that actually went down that way or not, it would be a good idea: make a point of this without "actually doing it." That might give you deniability.

But in this case Team Obama doesn't have to do anything. These guys have packaged everything (a search found the phrase "mythical mormon undergarments") into a warhead that they have done their best to fire into the center of the conversation.

If I were Team Obama I couldn't have planned a better way.

On the other hand, if I wanted to ensure Romney would lose, this might be intended to "inflict a mortal wound now" to get my preferred candidate (presumably, as I said, Santorum) into the running.

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