Friday, September 14, 2012

And In This Corner ...

A recent Esquire poll finally asks the questions we all want to: Who Would Win In A Fist Fight: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Of course fights are not determined by Esquire polls--so we've done the math!

Fighting Out Of The Red Corner ...
Some research tells us that the Esquire crowd were probably pretty smart. Obama is 15 years younger than Romney and works out with a marital arts black belt personal trainer. Plus: b-ball is more physical than the elliptical bike or cross-country track.

Romney is heavier and taller (according to Google which is not exact--ask Google how tall Sylvester Stallone is!) but probably not enough to help him in a ring-match. On the other hand we don't know much about Obama's combat experience--but we do know Romney grappled a young man and forcibly cut his hair. Is that worth anything? NO: Obama does not have much hair and as much of it has turned gray he is probably not overly attached to it.

But know this: if Mitt Romney and Barack Obama decided to settle their differences in the Octagon? Whoever loses ... WE WOULD WIN (and so would the PPV market: imagine the door for that sucker).

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