Friday, July 29, 2016

DNC Day 4: Hillary

Last night Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination to become the first woman to ever represent a major party in the general election. The convention, which was like a 1980's Republican convention, included ex-generals, fathers of service men, and an optimistic vision of America. On The Omnivore's timeline conservatives were envious and aghast. Republicans were furious.

This is not to say there weren't dissenters. The Bernie contingent demanded to be seen, heard, and even (according to people tweeting from the convention) tried to organize an attempt to storm the stage and perform a "citizens arrest" on Hillary.


Sanders: He Looks Miserable

He sat in a chair while his delegates plotted mischief against the Democratic nominee. He had already re-registered as an Independent a day before and he glowered for the cameras, his "Resting Bernie Face" on display. The Omnivore doesn't know if he'll continue to campaign for Hillary--his supporter's may already have crystallized on one side or another--and as a leader of them he has proven he doesn't have much remaining credibility or control.

A caller to CSPAN at the end of the convention told the operator that he had been a die-hard #BernieOrBuster--that he had felt slapped in the face by the other three nights of the convention--but at the point in Hillary's speech where she graciously thanked him and his supporters, she won him over.

Another caller said she'd vote Green Party.

It seems a fitting and dismal end to his legacy.

Chelsea vs. Ivanka: First Daughters

Before the nominees spoke their daughters--both actual friends in real life (at least they were)--got on stage to ably introduce their parent. Both were poised, capable, and warm. Chelsea spoke of how, after the long days of work in the White House, her mother would listen to her talk about the current book she was fascinated with--A Wrinkle In Time--before they'd move on to the adult discussion with each other.


Hillary's speech was good--not great. The bar over the past three days was set very high. For her--never a natural speaker--it must have been daunting. The heckling in the beginning didn't help either. After a time, though, she hit her stride. Talking about policy, she was energized. Taking it to Trump, she was strong.

By the end, on the stage, The Omnivore asserts she looked as presidential as any Central Casting Woman President. The difference is that she might actually be one--and not just one--the first.

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