Thursday, July 28, 2016


If a speech by someone other than the candidate can do it, last night 'did it' for Hillary. Not for the first time, Obama gave a speech that could rightly be described as the best of Republicans' values:

Before that, Bloomberg came out and called Hillary flawed--and then eviscerated Trump as only a fellow billionaire could. He spoke to a segment of the audience that no one else at the convention could reach.

Tim Kaine, who should earn the Secret Service code-name "Dadbod" was by turns goofy, folksy, and then did a bit mocking Trump's statements in a fake-Trump voice. He channeled Biden in terms of self-effacing likability.

In short, they nailed it. We don't know if that matters though.

Obama's Speech

By all accounts, Obama knew this was going to be one of the most important speeches he'd ever give. He worked on it for months. After his wife hit a home run, he allegedly stayed up until 3 AM Monday night looking for a Grand Slam.

He got it. Rarely has he looked more energized, happier, or even younger than he did on that stage last night. As he assailed not Trump (although, yes, Trump)--but Trumpism itself--he spoke to widely agreed upon American values and the promise of America herself.

A lot of Republicans on The Omnivore's timeline were very, very unhappy with this. Those who could not bring themselves to admire the speech just hated it. Those who admired it recognized the gulf between what Obama said last night and what Trump said last week.

It might not make a difference in the end--but if it does, this is a speech that they may reference in 100 years.

Tonight Hillary gives the most important speech of her life. We'll see if she delivers.

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