Monday, August 6, 2018

Avenue Q Street Fight

If you don't know what the Q-conspiracy is, you could look here. To be real short: Trump and Mueller have teamed up to take down a global network of satanic pedophiles (Mueller is just pretending to be hunting Trump!). Q, himself, is a person with high ranking clearance who is prepping the masses for this big, world-changing event as the good guys (Trump, Mueller, the military), take over America and many other countries, pulling the wool off our eyes.

When Q "erupted" at the Trump rallies with people wearing t-shirts and carrying signs, the media had to kind of try to explain the twisted, bizarre conspiracy and its even weirder (4chan, 8chan) origins. This is difficult--especially since the particulars are . . . well . . . weird (Q might be RFK--who faked his death to hide from Clinton assassins, for example).

When Q's wave crested the water of public attention at the Trump rallies, there was an interesting reaction: the MAGA-hucksters hit back. Huh?

The battle lines are basically MAGA-hats vs. the Q-believing conspiracy. NOTE: almost all MAGA personalities are running a hustle: InfoWars and Jerome Corsi both tried to get on the Q-wave with their own brands of q-ness--Q wasn't having it.

Now they are anti-ish Q. Which is interesting.

What Is Going On?

The Omnivore avers two things are happening here:

  1. The Q-Story casts Robert Mueller as a good guy--who is working to get the indictments (all sealed) to LOCK HER UP (Clinton) and a lot of other people (Obama, some of the GOP Establishment, various Hollywood personalities like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, and so on). In MAGA-World, Mueller is leading a traitorous witch-hunt. These things are likely to be on some kind of collision course.
  2. The Q-Story cuts out all the MAGA inside-baseball theory. Jack and Kurt and all those guys can't explain the real MAGA if people are listening to Q. When The Omnivore calls these guys "grifters" it's, in many instances literal (Corsi, Alex Jones) and in other cases more metaphorical (Flynn Jr. may not be monetizing his conspiracy theories--but he is certainly banking social cred with MAGA-world).
So there's a definite conflict of interest.

How All This Ends: Q-Theories

How this all plays out depends, a lot, on who "Q" is. There is a theory that Q is based on a 1999 Italian book about a political prank that plays out pretty similarly to what we see here. That book is called "Q". In this case, Q is a prankster who has had things get sort of out-of-hand. As the book was popular with lefties, it follows that it might be a 4chan lefty playing a prank on Trumpaloos.

If so, funny--but also: this has reached the point where people could get killed. If this is the case, Q is definitely not being responsible in letting it go on.

Another presented case is "Russian Ops." In this theory the Q-Story is another Russian psy-op. The only real evidence for this is that "these days it's always a Russian psy-op." There may be more theorizing coming. The Omnivore doesn't buy this as:
  • As an Op, it's pretty lame. Yes, it managed to blow up bigly--but the idea that a foreign government could predict that is absurd. It doesn't, to The Omnivore's mind, bear an hallmarks of being designed for this kind of placement.
  • The Q-code word that was used to sign posts (so readers knew they were from Q) was "Matlock." (if this makes no sense, just think of it as Q's password--that got hacked, and Q got another one). Would an Intel operator choose that? Probably not.
  • Q, as a theory, is not all that divisive. Yes, it paints the government as terribly corrupt--but while it targets most Democrats, it does not target all Democrats. It targets many Republicans. If Russia was going to lean on a cultural weak point, this probably isn't how they would do it.
Something else? Just because it probably isn't a state actor doesn't mean that the people or person running the Q-Account couldn't have some other agenda. If they do, that would probably be very instrumental as to how this concludes.

First Break: Obstruction

The first major break for Q will come when Mueller releases his Obstruction findings. If Mueller finds Trump to have obstructed justice, then Q will have some 'splaining to do.' We have seen this with some spin on FISA revelations (the Q people claim data was held back that would have been more Q-friendly). An accusation of Trump obstructing justice will be seen as "part of the plan" and the response of the government (likely to do nothing and protect Trump) will be woven into the Q-mythology.

If Mueller clears Trump on that count, it's all good.

Second Break: Collusion

The second break will be if Trump (or, perhaps more likely, Don Jr.) is accused of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. This will look like betrayal by Muller to the Q-people. How they spin that will depend on how Q spins it. This could be a "the bad guys compromised him"--or it could be "sit tight, trust the process." What is behind Q will determine which it is.


Unlike, say, chemtrails or The Illuminati, Q actually has someone behind it. Someone is writing the posts and someone will have at least a decent hand in the control of how this chapter terminates. This is fairly new territory--Q is a new type of conspiracy for a new digital age--an anonymous prophet with their electronic cadre of priests and followers. Can Q maintain a grip when the prophecies get proven false? We'll have to see.

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