Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Q Continuum

As the Q conspiracy gains steam in the media (and everyone struggles to explain it) it's worth asking:
  1. Why do people believe this shit?
  2. Who are the people who believe this shit?
In response to the first question, the top-level answer is that the poster, "Q," has provided iron-clad evidence of his veracity as a White House insider in his Riddler-Like messages to the world. In the second case, the answer seems to be split between crypto-bros (Men's Rights Activists, MMA / Gamer-Gate types, Trump supporters) and, erm, boomers (a.k.a. "The Olds"). The Omnivore will try and explain why this appears to be the case.

The Proofs of Q

The statement is made--as it is always made with regards to conspiracy theory--that if you just look closely enough, you'll see the truth. Today that's done by watching YouTube videos. Every last one of these little conspiracy-heads has a ton of fucking YouTube videos they want you to watch before they'll accept you know anything about their stupid theory.

Invariably, the YouTube is awful and disappointing.

However, The Omnivore went to one of these videos and watched all of it he could stomach--which was most of it. This is the 7 Proofs of Q

It's "7 facts" that the Media Won't Tell You About--because they PROVE teh [sic] Q. In this video, two chuckleheads talk snarkily about the absolute veracity of his royal Q-ness as proved by their listed events. The Omnivore is not going to go into detail or cover all of them--you can watch the video for that.

1. The '+++' Tweet

Q posts a tweet with the three '+' signs in it--then, hours later, the president does the same! How could Q know this would happen. Coincidence, you're saying. It isn't. The president actually tweeted his tweet with the slightly weird +++ hours before Q did--but because POTUS was tweeting from out of the country, the time-stamps make it look like it was after.

2. The NYC Bombing

Q tweeted with a cryptic line saying "Blunt & Direct Time"--and "BDT. Think currency. Think fireworks." This was the same night as a guy set off ineffective explosives in the NYC Port Authority. Okay--so? It 'turns out' that the guy was from BANGLADESH whose currency is abbreviated BDT! OMG!!

But okay--how could Q have known? It was reported in USA today, the day of the attack, that the bomber was a Bangladesh student. This proves Q read the news (the Q-drop came well after the last update to the USA today story).

3. I Hear You

Q posts messages with 5:5 which is mil-speak for "I read you loud and clear" or, possibly, "everything is optimal." EARLIER that day--EARLIER THAT DAY--Trump spoke to some of the survivors of the school shooting and he had, in his hands . . . a paper reminding him of what to say to these kids!

The president is holding the paper with FIVE fingers--and he has point #5 visible with I-Hear-You. Now, Q posted this after the president spoke--so maybe Q was responding saying "I hear you loud and clear, POTUS." Or maybe not. Whatever: if Q is on the inside and POTUS is on the inside, why are they sending messages through embarrassing photos?

4. The Lamp

Q posts a tweet claiming to be taken inside Air Force 1. It shows (or purports to show) an image taken off the reflection on the back of POTUS's apple phone. It shows the apple logo over a sliver (the reflected image) of a lamp in the back of the Air Force 1 office.

The indication is that Q is inside AF1. Or that he used photoshop. The image itself is noted in the Q post to be distorted. It isn't a great picture to begin with, anyway.


There is no strong reason to believe Q is who they say they are--and even less to believe in the massive network of satanic pedophiles that Q claims POTUS is fighting.

Who Believes In Q?

Vox just did a computer assisted deep dive into the Q stats from Reddit. There are around 200 "super-posters" who do almost all the posts. They mostly live on the Q-sub-reddit. The other active posters are in pro-Trump forums, crypto-currency, Men's Rights (a cesspool of misogynistic claptrap), and similar. Basically? Gamer-Gate-bros. That's Reddit.

The other target-market seems to be aging boomers who are caught up in the conspiracy. Why do we say this? Well, some it's not as scientific, but some Q-watchers have noted that interaction skews kind of old for a 4chan conspiracy. More disturbingly, some QAnon scammers (such as some of the violent militia types out in New Mexico) are getting money from grandmothers who support their quest to save the children (presumably being trafficked).

In any event, the reasons seem, to the Omnivore, to be similar: Q promises in one fell swoop both the dawning of a golden age (yes, under an authoritarian but benevolent ruler) and, two, justice. When you look at those Trump rallies it's the olds who are ugly-faced, screaming at the reporters or just at the world at large.

The Omnivore is pretty sure that hatred for Hillary was a major factor in Trump's appeal--and her not getting locked up has been a sore spot: WHEN WILL SHE FACE JUSTICE??

For the Gamer-Gaters, well, they feel the world has taken a dump on them--and they're happy to see it hit back. They also like the hidden knowledge that the conspiracy claims to impart and the Augmented Reality Game nature of the Q-tips is probably appealing to them in a subtle  yet effective way.

What Does All This Mean?

The Q-Conspiracy is one with an expiration date--sooner or later either no one will be locked up or everyone will. What do people who have invested their heart and soul in a secular reckoning that is promised fails to come? Probably nothing good.


  1. Has it been ruled out that Trump *is* Q? He's faked being his own publicist and lawyer in phone calls to people in the past. I can think of a few possible motivations for him to start this kind of craziness.

    1. Nothing has been "ruled out"--but the Q conspiracy is, frankly, beyond Trump himself. That's not *high praise* for the conspiracy--it's just a really low measure of Trump. Here is a good break-down (I didn't write it). It COULD be Dan Scavino!