Thursday, April 11, 2019

If The Klan Liked Hillary . . .

Trumpsters would ask me the same question again and again when I told them that the nazi-right's love for Trump was a bad sign: "If the Klan liked Hillary would you stop supporting for her?" I'd patiently explain that "Yes, I would--because whatever the nazi-right found to like in Hillary's campaign would be a bad thing--and because if Hillary was tacitly accepting of their support, then she would be enabling them."

They, of course, didn't believe it--a Trumpaloo finds nothing wrong with the support of Stormfront on their side--they rationalize it, excuse it, minimize it, or ignore it. Why not? Almost none of them are on Stormfront's bad-side. It's win-win.

Andrew Yang, a long-shot candidate whose signature platform-plank is giving everyone 1k a month is beloved by a bunch of the 4chan alt-righties. It's not that they really like his positions--it's that they think getting 1k a month is the right answer when you assume that the country and western civilization is fucked and you might as well get some more X-Box games on the government dole.

It's like really voting for the Sweet Meteor of Death--the ultimate black-pill nihilism vote. They like him--so what about The Omnivore?

What About The Omnivore?
There are a few things to get out here really quickly and in no particular order.

  1. The Omnivore thinks we are looking at some kind of UBI (Universal Basic Income) no matter what our politics are in the next 40 years due to automation and AI. Yang's plan isn't really that--but it's not the black-pill-black-hole that the channers wish it to be.
  2. The Omnivore doesn't really know the rest of Yang's positions--but, yeah, the 4chan support is a strike against him without looking too deeply. 
  3. But . . . Ben Colins writes for NBC that the Yang-Team Internet guys have been pushing back against the 4chan invasion of his boards. It's had somewhat mixed results--but the pushback is for-real and is strong enough to make some headway. This, The Omnivore finds is actually a point in Yang's favor. It actually elevates Yang in The Omnivore's list of possible candidates. 
“Why is the official Yang discord shooting themselves in the foot?” a user on the 4chan-based board asks. “Don’t they realize we are in control of the memes and they can’t win without us?”
In other words: if the Klan liked Hillary for some reason and Hillary strenuously fought back against them? That'd be the right answer. That sure as hell wasn't / isn't Trump. Trumpaloos might self-reflect on that--but if they knew how to do that? They wouldn't be Trumpaloos.

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