Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Who is the Candace Owens Product For?

Today in a fit of what they probably believe to be brilliance, the Republicans had Candace Owens--the black, vocal, Turning Point (Charlie Kirk) spokes-person for the right-wing "get off the Democratic plantation" position of the Republican party.

She is well known for trying her hardest to be well known--but probably for ensnaring an off-his-meds Kanye West in her attempt to provide bogus history lessons to (what she hopes are) credulous black people. Anyway, she got to watch Sen. Ted Lieu play a clip of her talking up Adolf Hitler.

She apparently feels wronged.

If You Like Candace . . .
If you like Candace Owens then you already have a catalog of things in the above two paragraphs that The Omnivore has gotten wrong. After all, she wasn't "defending Adolf Hitler," was she? She was just talking up nationalism. She didn't ensnare Kanye--she just communicated with him--or whatever.

It doesn't matter. The fact that you are entertaining these thoughts is indicative that you are pretty badly taken in. You have been sold a product.

Here's how you know--what? Oh--yeah, there's a test, it turns out.

Here's the test--it's in two parts:

  1. How popular is Candace Owens with black people?
  2. Did you believe her "take" on history?

How Popular Is Candace With Black People?
The answer is "not very." If you look at interest in her you will see that it mostly comes from areas where the majority demographic is white--and Turning Point USA's target demographic is white donors who think they are fighting a war on campus.

Her signature Blexit movement caused Kanye to disassociate from her publicly and was, in fact, taken from other creators. The point is--she's not talking to black people who are democrats--that's the lie.

The truth is that she's telling you what you wish she was saying to black democrats. The problem is that black democrats have been hearing this stuff for quite some time and (correctly) don't buy it. Kanye aside, most people know their history better than Candace does.

The people who buy her stories aren't the theoretical black-people target market. No--the people who believe her position . . .are you, white guy Trumpaloo.

Did You Believe Her History?
Back in the day, Lee Atwater told us all that "well you can't go around saying nigger-nigger-nigger to woo southern voters--you gotta use coded messages." This was the Southern Strategy and a great deal of effort has gone into conservative thought to try to claim it never happened. What actual smart people on the right have determined is that "The Southern Strategy" as a single cause of the south moving from the Democrat-vote to the Republican-vote is overly simplistic.

However, what you heard was that racism didn't really have much to do with the shift. Of course you also heard that the KKK was all Democrats--and were told that meant today's Democrats. And you were told that the Civil War stuff was all about heritage--not hate.

And yet your lying eyes show you that the guys promoting the Confederate Flag (okay, the Confederate battle flag . . . okay, one of the Confederate battle flags . . .) are usually? Pretty racist. Your lying eyes also show you that the guys who want to keep all the Civil War statues are all Republicans and the guys who want to tear them down? Democrats.

So clearly something doesn't make any sense. Right?

You Are The Target Of Candace Owens -- Yes, You Should Be Ashamed
"Liking what she says" or "her message of thinking for yourself" or whatever nonsense you feed into your brain to paper over the fact that you get a serotonin hit from listening to her assuage your innate racism is all bullshit and you should just drop the pretense. Candace Owens isn't a good con artist--you're just the softest of soft targets.

You're so desperate for someone to tell you things that you wish were true--that you wish black people would hear and agree with so you wouldn't have to face the truth (that, uhm, they're basically the spoonful of sugar to make the racist messaging taste better in your mental mouth) --that you will buy someone who is attractive, optically black, and talks the sweet, sweet nonsense you need to hear.

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